Tuesday 6 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions - 2015

Hello everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I shared a picture of my 2015 resolutions! I think that by sharing them, it makes me more accountable to them, and also I'd like to do an update later in the year to see how I'm going!

In case you can't see them (or read my terrible handwriting), here they are, along with the 2015 bucket list, and a little explanation for some of them!!
  • Learn to unapologetically say no
  • Read, read, read
  • Write more. Write about everything
  • Use my camera more
  • Tell more stories
  • Moisturize more
  • Appreciate my body more
  • Don't give a shit about other's opinions of me
  • Be patient. Be thankful.
  • Stop treating life as a competition
  • Have more solo dance parties in my room
  • Smile more. At people, at everything.
  • Meet new people
  • Take better care of myself
  1. Finish writing a novel
    • I've wrote a 50,000+ word book before, but it's not great, so I've started writing another one and would love to actually finish it by the end of the year
  2. Hit 600 bloglovin followers
  3. Read 10 new books
  4. Lose 2 stone in weight
    • There was a time when I was nearly 3 stone lighter than what I am now, but if I aim for 2, I'll be really happy with that
  5. Go to the cinema at least four times
    • If you have anxiety like me, sometimes social situations and large crowded places can be a trigger for me. I'm fine once I'm actually in my seat to watch the movie, but the whole experience of getting there is not fun. I managed two trips in 2014, so I'm aiming for double!
  6. Learn 100 words in Japanese
    • Currently at 23/100
  7. Learn 100 words in French
    • Currently at 26/100
  8. Learn to cook a new dish
  9. Drive more - to new places
Have you made any resolutions for this year or a little bucket list? This is the first time I've actually done this and made resolutions so lets see if I can keep up with them! I hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Hope you have a good year Tania!

    Beverley xx |

  2. Love these resolutions! I did a post about mine if you want to take a look? :)


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