Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Introducing Cameron...

Hello everyone!
So if you've been following me since February and on wards, you might have seen the name Cameron pop up now and again, and even more so over the past two months. I've only mentioned him a few times here and there on the blog, and you might have seen him in some Instagram pictures... Who is he some of you might ask?

Well he's my boyfriend.

My amazing, really geeky and totally kick-ass boyfriend. We've been dating for two months now, but we've been hanging out since the start of February at least once a week to watch geeky films and go into the comic shop down the down - which has cost me so much money, but no regrets! He's also became my main cinema buddy, even letting me nearly rip his arm off watching Jurassic World when the dinosaurs got too much (hats off to the CGI team there...) I could gush for hours, just a forewarning!!

The best thing about us is that we've known each other since we were 11 years old! We went to the same school and shared the same form group for five years so he has seen me through some god-awful phases. From the horrible fringe to my awkward punk phase, and as the girl obsessed with Harry Potter who didn't know what makeup was until she was nearly 17!

We'd not spoken much since leaving school, so almost five years went by without speaking, but then we got in touch on Facebook on February first to have a mini bonding experience over the Superbowl of all things! Yeah, two really geeky people bonding over the Patriots winning... We still find this funny! Either way, we started talking and now look where we are.

Main update so far: He's met all my immediate family, so the parents and the sister and Mum's boyfriend and I think I've met the entire side of his Mum's family which was both quite nice and fucking terrifying all at once. I've done two events with them all now, and managed to keep any panic attacks at bay (thank heavens!)

Little 11 year old me is screaming her little fringed head off over this whole thing. Well that's him all introduced, so that's my main update all done for you! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. This is such a sweet post. xx


    1. Thank you :) Needed to share him with the world!! xx


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