Thursday, 23 February 2023

Benefits Of Choosing Hippie Clothing Over Mass-Market Apparel

The winds of change in the fashion sector are not a new phenomenon. One of the recent most noteworthy trends in fashion is the runaway popularity of hippy clothing.

Hipster fashion staples are –

       Floral maxi dresses

       Shirt dresses with flowing designs

       high-waist and flared jeans

       Loose blouse-like tops, etc.

Apart from the urge to try out the fashion trends of the 80s and 70s, the plethora of benefits that entail hippy clothing is the driving force behind the revival of hipster fashion.

Some of those benefits are mentioned in the sections below.

Hipster fashion is non-discriminatory and supports gender equality

Hipster clothes do not come with hardbound labels. This means that people who are gender fluid can readily wear hipster clothes without thinking twice. Furthermore, the hipster fashion community is non-discriminatory and also supports freedom of association.

How cool is that!?

Hipster clothing factories offer humane working conditions to their workforce

Most of the time, cloth and apparel factories around the world often overwork their respective workforces. There have been countless instances of labour rights violations in the factories of revered fashion brands. The reason is simple. Revered brands have to keep their workforce members under tremendous pressure in a bid to remain ahead of rival brands. Hence, strict targets have to be achieved daily. On the other hand, since hipster clothes are often made in small batches, the working conditions at a hipster fashion factory are always lenient towards their workforce members.

Hipster clothes are environment-friendly

Hipster clothes are made to last for a long time. Furthermore, hipster cloches are made using all-natural fibres and dyes. It means that hipster clothes help people to do their part when it comes to preserving the environment for future generations.

The hipster clothing trend is helping to create opportunities for SMEs and startups

Small-scale fashion brands and start-ups entering the fashion industry often are unable to come out of the shadows of established fashion brands. When these small-scale fashion brands choose to produce hipster clothing and people buy them, business and job opportunities are created thereby making the global business sector a place of fair competition.

Hipster clothes are not made using child labour

Revered brands have time and again come under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. One of the most common reasons for a fashion brand to lose its reputation globally is when its production units have workforce members who are children below the age of 14! On the other hand, hipster cloth brands never had any bad press as the production units of hipster clothing never employs child workforce members!


Hipster clothing is not mass-produced. Hence, the overall quality of hipster clothes tends to be higher when compared to their mass-produced counterparts. This is great news for people who tend to shop high quality clothes as in their eyes, shopping periodically is an utter waste of one’s free time and hard-earned money. If the reader is yet to try out hipster fashion then this is the right time to do so!

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