Monday 9 December 2013

A&E Sunday!

Hello everyone!

Well yesterday was quite the day for me as I ended up in the A&E department at my hospital! I'm fine now, but a little sleepy and sore from some injections!

If you didn't already know, I have a really bad nut allergy. If I eat them or it comes into contact with my mouth, my throat can swell so I can't breathe, along with hives on my arms, swelling on my lips, eyes and tongue. In a less severe case, if I touch them, I get a lovely rash that itches like crazy all up my arms/hands. I work on the tills at a supermarket, and as it is Christmas, LOTS of people were buying nuts this week, and yesterday was no exception! I'm usually very careful with scanning them due to some being in little nets so I might accidentally touch them. I must have touched some by accident and then touched my mouth or something about an hour into my shift, and then I felt some itching around my mouth and realised I was having an issue breathing.

Pandemonium ensued. I alerted my supervisors to the issue and they kicked into action and before I know it, I'm on the phone to a paramedic, the pharmacy staff have given me some liquidy stuff that tasted horrible, and then paramedics arrived! I was taken into a consult room by the pharmacy and checked over and given an injection... I am the worse person with needles, and I got a little faint, but managed to keep upright in my chair! I have seven paramedics turn up! They'd all responded to the 999 call, but the last 2 left to go deal with other things when they saw I was well tended too, and then after Mum and Dad arrived to see me and figure out what to do with my car and what hospital I was going to, they departed and I went on a merry trip in an Ambulance to Maidstone Hopsital!

My arm was killing me from the injection, so I was hooked up to a blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature monitor and they were happy that after the injection my symptoms were going so they wanted me to get a nice check up at the hospital.

I was at the hospital for an hour before I was given this sexy little mask to help the breathing as my lungs weren't at their best, but after the mask was taken off, I was fine to breathe on my own and they were satisfied with all my stats and blood pressure/oxygen levels were okay so they let me go!  Was up there for about 3/4 hours which wasn't bad considering it was a Sunday!

I've had to go up to the Doctor's today to get a new Epipen as it had expired (oops) and get my arm thingy checked out, along with a basic check over of my stats to after yesterday to make sure I was okay still! The Dr said she thinks I might have slight anxiety so wants me to go back again next year for another little check up! But I am all fine now and hopefully this won't happen again!

Have an awesome day and stay safe :)
Tania xxx

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