Friday 16 September 2016

Picture Perfect #6

Having got home from work last night at 10:23pm and realising I'd not got a blog post sorted for today, I panicked and then remember I had this to do!  So I thought I'd share with you my latest Picture Perfect! Here are some snap shots of my life and the things I've been up to, since the end of July! Hope you enjoy this pretty pic heavy post!

Loved reading this book!

The new Mr & Mrs!

I've got really into comic books lately!

Ended up in hospital one Saturday for 10 hours...

Got the new Zoella set!

I turned 24!!

Out celebrating with Nic!

and this awesome Tiara!

What have you been up to lately and how often do to take pictures for memories? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Insta Love #6

I'm obsessed with taking pictures, editing them and making nice memories - hence why I love Instagram. There are some awesome accounts that I follow, plus the picture sharing app has gone insane with really talented photographers and bloggers who just seem to have this whole filter thing down.

So today, I'm sharing some Insta love with my top 5 pictures/accounts that I've come across recently!

A photo posted by Anna Barnard Wright (@annabarnardwright) on

A photo posted by Emily (@bambisblogs) on

Which accounts and pictures have you been loving lately? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday 12 September 2016

September Playlist

I've been listening to a lot of music over the past month month, so thought I would create this little list off all the songs I am loving right now! Click any of the titles to get taken to a YouTube video, so you can check them out for yourself :)

Like these songs? Let me know on Twitter! What songs gave you been enjoying recently? Hope you have a great weekend and keep safe :)

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Friday 9 September 2016

I'm On Cupcakes!*

Last month the lovely people at Cake Toppers got in contact with me about their cupcakes! 

I, a self confessed food lover, said yes without hesitation. I mean... IT'S CAKE!! After sending them two images I'd like on the cupcakes, I had a bit more of a look around their site, and saw they done way more than just cupcakes! There are birthday cakes, wedding cakes, DISNEY CAKES, and much more. 

In fact, I've since bought more of their cupcakes for my birthday tomorrow (yay being 24!), and they will be arriving sometime within the hour after this post goes live... So spoiler alert - I loved these.  

Here are the cupcakes I received: 

They were super lovely and sent me both a vanilla/plain cake, and a chocolate one! Silver casing seems to be for the vanilla flavours, and gold for the chocolate. The thing I love about Cake Toppers, is that they print the images onto the icing, rather than using rice paper - which isn't something a lot of people like. 

The images I sent were relatively high quality, so I'm glad this was reflected in the images on the icing.

The cupcakes arrived in a nice little box with bubble wrap for protection, and in a plastic holder, as well as both being individually wrapped. There was also a sheet with the ingredients - which is a lifesaver for someone like me with a nut allergy! I was also sent some business cards of theirs, which I've since handed out to some friends and family!

My face has never tasted so yummy.

Both cakes were super delicious and the icing on the chocolate one was really rich, but made it even better! If you're interested in trying them out, you can get a single cake with the p+p for £5.95, or you can try 6 cupcakes with different images on for £13.49! You can try these out yourself with a pretty little 10% off your order with the code 'TMB10'. These would be great as a gift or for a party if you wanted customized cakes for the guests!

What do you think of this idea, and have you tried Cake Toppers before? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday 7 September 2016

I Made My Own Perfume!*

At the end of July, a lovely company called Fragrance By Me* got in contact with me, and asked if I'd like to make my own perfume! As a massive fragrance fan, this appealed to me immediately, and I said yes after a quick look over their website. You mix together the scents you want, and they send you three vials of perfumes. #1 is the scent you made, and #2 and #3 are options based on a different mix of the choices you selected.

You simply enter three fragrances that you like the smell of, and then they will tell you what scents and undertones each of them has, and which three they all have in common. I entered Zoella's Let's Spritz, Escada's Turqoise Summer and, Victoria's Secret's Coconut Passion!

My three main scents were 'sweet, fruity and tropical fruits'. I selected all of these for my option, and although there are 6 other's as well as these 3, I chose to go with the common ones to see what happened! You then pick 3 of a potential 9 undertone scents to go with your perfumes. I chose 'bergamot, amber and lily of the valley' for mine - which may be why #1 is an amber colour and the other two are clear!

The you pay for the samples of your perfume and the two they have also mixed for you. When you then get your samples, pick which of the three you'd like the most and then you can buy a full sized bottle for $40 and give it your own name!

I've named all three of them with some names sooo:
1- Seeking Summer
2- Maid of Stone
3- Enigma

I loved #1 the most, which is the one I made, and I really liked #3, but #2 was a bit weird for me, so two of three isn't bad!

Give this a try for yourself for $20 /£15 - and let me know what you used as inspiration and what your perfumes smell like when you get them! What would you pick if your made your own fragrance? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday 5 September 2016

Monthly Favourites #17 - August

First of all, thank you all for the lovely comments on me taking a blogging break! I've had two weeks off and it's been quite nice to having to worry about the blog while work was getting hectic! I seemed to time the break at a good time too, as I ended up in hospital over the weekend, so now I'm feeling a little better and still tucked in bed, time to come back! ❤️ Sooo...

It's that time of the month where I look back and share some of my fave things with you! Ranging from songs, TV and movies, to my new Bullet Journal section! 

I've been loving this song by DNCE since Emma's wedding in July! I'd only listened to it a few times before then, considering it's been out for nearly a year already! I love the beat, as I can have a really good dance to it, plus the lyrics are pretty easy to remember!

My favourite picture from this month has to be this one of my Harley Quinn #2 comic from the DC Universe's Rebirth series! I've gone for months without buying any comics, and when I saw they'd finally released the Rebirth series for Harley Quinn at the start of August, I just had to buy it.
It's so funny, and quite like Harley from the old comics, but with a Suicide Squad inspired look and kicking ass against zombies! The second one was just a good, and can't wait for #3!

TV Show
Community finished their sixth season last June, and I noticed the series had been added onto Netflix this month! Although the 6th season was pretty crap in my opinion, I love this show and how funny it can be! Totally love Troy and Abed ❤️ It's also reminded me of how much I hate Chevy Chase's character, Pierce - honestly the worst TV show character EVER. He ruins most of the episodes and never seems to be of any use in the show... But I just try and focus on the other wonderful people! 

Having been waiting for this for nearly a year, I can safely say I was not disappointed. It was amazing, despite what the critics have said. Yes, it could have done with a few more Joker scenes, but I feel he was held back so we can see him more in the rumored Harley Quinn solo movie. I loved all the characters, and loved the ending - even if it meant that one of the loveable rogues had to die.
I would to see a sequel to this, or at least solo movies for Harley &Joker, Deadshot and also Enchantress/June! There was lots of action, funny moments and pretty good CGI! Loved this!

Bullet Journal
So for my new, 'Bullet Journal Fave Page' section, I've selected this one of my monthly set up page for August. I've tried to keep a colour scheme going for the set up, and used some stickers from the lovely Dorkface etsy shop! This has definietly helped me keep on track for my life over the month, and is a layout I'm really happy with!

Hope you enjoyed these faves for August! What have you loved this month from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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