Tuesday 31 March 2015

Wishlist #17

Hello everyone!

Haven't done a wishlist since November last year! Yikes! Here is my wishlist of goodies I'm currently lusting after on Ebay!

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Thursday 26 March 2015

Superdrug Tea Tree Cleansing Pads Review

Hello everyone!

I'm a sucker for anything that is a cleansing or exfoliating product, and this fits the bill for both! Currently at £1.48 from Superdrug (usually £2.99) these are great value for money, and have been something I've been using a lot lately.

I mainly use these either first thing of a morning as part of my skincare routine, or I'll use them after cleansing my face - just for that added fresh feel. They're not harsh on the skin, nor rough, so they're perfect for using regularly.

They are doused in Tea Tree oils, so if you don't like that smell, steer clear. I've got a love for that smell so these don't bother me, but I know it makes my Mum scrunch her nose up! There are 40 pads inside each container, so if you only use one a day, that's over a months worth. Not bad for the price!

Are you a fan of cleansing pads, or do you prefer other methods? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday 23 March 2015

Collection Longer Lash Waterproof Mascara

Hello everyone!

I love mascara more than any other beauty product, and this is a new find of mine! I accidentally picked this up in Brown/Black instead of Black, but it's been a nice change from the usual mascara I wear. This is the Collection Longer Lash Waterproof Mascara which you can pick up in Superdrug for £2.99. The packaging seems to be orange on the site, but black in store, so keep an eye out for it!

I love the fact I got the wrong colour and love it. The brown makes my eyelashes look longer and thicker, but doesn't seem clumpy. It also looks a lot more natural on my eyes than the black ones that I'm so used to wearing all the time. The brush is simple and easy to use, which is something a lot of products should stick to!

Overall, I love it. Can't fault this one!

Have you tried this at all, and what are your thoughts on brown mascaras? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Tuesday 17 March 2015

March Playlist

Hello everyone!

I've been listening to a lot of music as usual this month, so thought I would create this little list off all the songs I am loving right now! Click any of the titles to get taken to a YouTube video, so you can check them out for yourself :)

Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream
G.R.L - Ugly Heart
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
Florida Georgia Line - Sun Daze
Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds
Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One
Taylor Swift - Style
The Weekend - Earned It
Megan Trainor - Lips Are Movin
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

Like any of the songs? Let me know below, and have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Binky London Lipstick #7 Romance | Review

Hello everyone!

I'm not usually a fan of lipsticks, but I received this as a free gift with my Pink Parcel back in January and just had to share it with you! I've worn it a couple of times so it was due a review! If you like it, you can pick it up for £2.95 from the Binky website. The colour I got was #7 Romance, in a lovely red colour.

It's quite a creamy formula which I really like, as I find a lot of lipsticks dry my lips out fast, but this didn't. The colour is really strong and pigmented, so it only took a quick swish of it over my lips to get the desired effect! I found that it lasted a few hours before needed a touch up, but I'm sure this is standard with more lip products, so this didn't bother me too much.

It's not a colour I'd wear often as it's so vivid, but I like it!

What do you think of the colour? Have you tried any of the other colours from Binky? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Friday 6 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Baked Eyeshadow Electric Dreams | Review

Hello everyone!

One of the companies that I totally love for makeup products is Makeup Revolution. They have amazing quality products for affordable prices, and I am ever so slightly addicted to them. I've been using their products since before they arrived in Superdug, and they have yet to let me down!

This wonderful mini palette is called Electric Dreams, which you can get from their site or Superdrug for £2.50. YES THAT CHEAP.  It has four shades of purple and one white colour, along with a mini sponge applicator.

I have green eyes, so purple contrasts really nicely and this little set is perfect. You can make a really good smokey eye look with this as well due to the colours all being complementary of each other, which is an added bonus! Each is really pigmented, so there isn't need for a lot of applications as the colour builds up instantly, and they are really nice, bright and vibrant. It really gives a nice look and finish to your makeup.

I might need to buy the others in this range!

Also they have a twitter MakeupRVLTN, where you can keep up to date with them!

I've predominately used this for nights out at the moment, as I've not been brave enough to use if for day wear, but how would you use it? Let me know below! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Tuesday 3 March 2015

My February 2015

Hello everyone!

Second month of the new year to look back at! Here is just a little recap of my February! :)  Hope you like this little overview!

  • Had a good Valentines night out with Nicola - See the vlog here
  • Caught up with Billy
  • Sibling came back from Uni for a few days
  • The 49th Super Bowl was on the 1st of the month and it was amazing! PATRIOTS WON.
  • It snowed a few times, but nothing to permanent!
  • Began watching Arrow for the first time and it's amazing so far! Hooked.
  • My car passed her 2nd service
  • Began the room overhaul. Dusting was a bitch to do, but it's done at last
  • Sorted all my Marvel and Hobbit figures out on my shelf so it looks a lot neater
  • Only had six panic attacks last month, which is a win in my books
  • Got to see my nephew for a few hours
  • Watched two of the Dark Knight trilogy films and they are actually pretty good
  • Sister turned 20 (where has the time gone???)
  • Officially back to doing 12 hours at work now, no more full time weeks :(
  • Jake Quickenden followed me on twitter
  • Had a night time gathering of the Unholy Trinity
  • TV I've watched: Arrow, HTGAWM, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Agent Carter
  • Films I've watched: Epic, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight
  • What I've been reading: Shout Social!

Superbowl Sunday/Monday. 11:30pm-3:20am. I was shattered, but my team won!!

Rocking my Capt cap! | Marvel PJ's! | Some of the snow

I bought a hat | Began watching Arrow and it's amazing! | #Selfie!

Got the spend the day with Jack | Car passed it's service | Valentines things from Nic

#Selfie | Playing with Jack and his toys! | Wine O'clock with Mum!

I GOT MY SISTER BACK FROM UNI. | The Unholy Trinity | The Marvel/Geek shelf!

Want to watch what I've been up to this month? Check out the vlog!

Well that is it for my month overall, and the second month of 2015! A good year so far! I hope you enjoyed this catch-up post from Febraury :) Have a great day and keep safe :)

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