Thursday 1 June 2023

The Best Movies for a Rainy Sunday Afternoon*

Sunday isn’t everyone’s favourite day of the week, but there are some occasions when it can be pretty magical. For instance, if you’ve already had a good Saturday and Sunday brings nothing but a downpour, then you’ll have the opportunity to sink into the pleasure of having nowhere to be and nothing to do. And at those times, there’s nothing better than sinking into the couch with some popcorn and watching a good old movie

Any film will do the trick, but there are some that are more rainy Sunday-friendly than others. Need some inspiration? Check out one of the following movies. 

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Rear Window

You may feel trapped in your home when there’s a lot of rain outside. So why not watch a movie about someone else who was trapped in their house? Well, technically it was an apartment, and they weren’t there because of the rain, but still. Rear Window, Hitchcock’s masterpiece of a movie, is the ideal Sunday afternoon movie because 1. It’s not very long, 2. It’s easy to follow, and 3. It’s just a good old movie. Just remember not to be influenced by the movie too much, since it may make you a little paranoid about what your neighbours are up to. 

Jurassic Park

In truth, you can watch the original Jurassic Park at any time and be sure to have a great time. But we think it lends itself especially well to rainy Sunday afternoons. For one thing, it’ll bring a hefty dose of excitement and adrenaline to what is otherwise a pretty dull day. And plus, there’s a lot of rain in the movie — most of the dramatic scenes include a pretty heavy downpour. It’s also just an all-out family classic, the perfect movie to make some popcorn and sink into the couch.


Is Shrek the greatest family movie of all time? It’s certainly got a lot going for it. It’s a movie that both kids and adults can enjoy, it’s unique, and it’s funny. Plus, there’s just a whole host of memorable characters; there’s not just the title character himself, but also Donkey, Fiona, and Lord Farqueed. They’re all interesting characters; take a read of the fascinating backstory of Lord Farquaad from Shrek to get an idea of just how much thought went into the movie. It’s especially recommended to watch Shrek if you have kids, but don’t worry if you don’t — the magic of Shrek is that even adults find it highly entertaining. 

Indiana Jones

We know we just said that Shrek could well be the best family movie of all time, but we also have to say that Indiana Jones could also hold that title. This all-out classic gets a lot of love because of how much action, humour, and intelligence it packs into the storyline. You can watch any of them and be sure to have a great time with your family, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, then start with the first movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Godfather

If you haven’t seen The Godfather, then what have you been doing? Anyone that has even the most basic interest in cinema has to see this legendary movie, which really is just as good as everyone says it is. The only problem with The Godfather is that it’s long; you’re unlikely to fire it up on a weekday evening when you’re looking for something short and sweet. But on a rainy Sunday afternoon, you’ll have nothing but time to play with. Who knows, you might even decide that you’re so comfortable that you can watch the second Godfather movie as soon as you’ve finished the first. You won’t regret it!

Midnight In Paris

We could all do with a little more romance in our lives, couldn’t we? Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris is about as romantic as dreamy as they come, offering an irresistible version of Paris that will make you want to visit as soon as you can. But the movie doesn’t just give a gorgeous interpretation of the city. It also has a robust and interesting storyline as well as a stellar cast of characters. It’s short and sweet and happy, and we think anyone that spends a Sunday afternoon with the movie will feel pretty happy by the end of the film.

And there we have it! The next time you’re stuck inside on a Sunday, look at firing up one of these awesome films and just enjoy the pleasure of having nothing to do. 

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