Thursday 23 May 2019

Tips For A Happy Home*

Where we live is the ultimate show of who were as. What we do in our homes has an effect on our feelings, how in control and productive we feel and can even determine our outlook on life. Reports have shown that by making small and simple adjustments to our routines at home, we can have a noticeable impact on our daily lives and make us feel happier overall. Here are a few tips to make sure you have a happy and fulfilling home.  

Make your bed

There is research to suggest that something as simple as making your bed in the morning can have a positive impact on how you start your day. By making a habit of straightening your bedding before you leave home it’s a way to subconsciously condition your brain to form good habits in other aspects of your life.

Keep Your Spaces Tidy

Mess, clutter and untidiness are known to cause stress. After all, no-one likes a messy home! An easy solution is to take a few minutes to quickly reset a room before you exit it, that way you will come back to space that you are excited to be in rather than dreading how messy it is inside. It is an easy way to boost your mood and also makes general housekeeping much easier.

Show Your Heart Around Your Home

Create fun and interesting gallery wall for your home. Looking at and remembering fond moments can help get us out of a funk when we're feeling down. Your brain releases happy hormones that boost your mood and can give you a pep in your step for the rest of the day. It will inspire you to create new memories and start planning new experiences and things to look forward to.

Cultivate Fun Experiences At Home

save some money by spending money. Buy some DVD’s for a family film night or buy a fun game that everyone can play like the Ms PacMan arcade game - something that will encourage you to have people over and entertain. You can even plan an impromptu get together for your family and neighbours, everyone can bring something along which keeps the costs down.

Make Boring Tasks Fun

A simple mindset can turn your day out for the better. Change your view on tedious tasks such as doing the dishes or hoovering by making them fun. Listening to your favourite podcast or blasting out your best-loved cheesy pop songs can be a way for you to enjoy household chores and even getting them done more quickly!

Call Your Friends and Family

Take the time to make a phone call to your family and friends. Being social can help with low moods and help you feel more connected to those around you. And it works both ways too! You can also help your friends and family's mood by giving them a quick call. Socializing and connecting with those you care about is a great way to make yourself feel better.

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*Collaborative Post

Friday 10 May 2019

Start Your Blogging Habit*

Got your business going but looking for that key element of your website that’s going to keep your customers coming back for more? We’re talking of course about creating a blog. But why would you want or even need to spend your time writing hundreds of words that you’re not sure anyone will even read?

Blogs Are Great For Business
Because of this headline: Blogs Are Great For Business. How? In this short article we’ll explain how and why you should get those fingers tapping away on your keyboard and get your blog page up and running.

SEO Friendly
The great thing about blogs is that you can use them in a variety of ways. They will provide you with a platform to demonstrate your knowledge, launch products and services and ask your reader to follow specific calls to action but it’s also quite possible to use the content and make it highly searchable by Google. This in turn will make your website and therefore your business easier to find in a search.

Create Your Blog
If you’ve used something like Templafy in the past to manage your documents and templates for your site, then refer back to past material to make sure your blog stays with the same consistent voice as the rest of your site. Create a catchy headline, preferably one that contains one of your keywords, and get started.

You need to strike that fine balance between readability and something that sounds entirely natural. Keep the majority of your sentences to between 20 and 25 words, though now and again a longer sentence is fine, for the sake of making the blog interesting. Sprinkle your searchable, or keywords, throughout the piece but don’t overdo. If it looks stuffed and unnatural, Google’s clever algorithms will penalise you for it.

Use subheadings and images and caption images with keywords that also make them searchable features alongside your writing.
In terms of length, you’re looking at a minimum of 500 words and usually anything up to about 1,500 is fine.

Remember to use lots of verbs and linking words that show logical progression between idea and action and you’re ready to go live.
Make sure you cast a careful eye over your blog for grammar and spelling mistakes and have a colleague or friend proofread it for you, before you hit the go button.

Image from Pexels

Stay Updated
Finally, you’ll want to remember to keep your blog updated regularly to stay relevant to Google and to show your customers that you are committed to your communication with them.

A great blog is one that combines all the elements your business needs including great readerability, an authoritative and consistent voice and search engine optimisation that blends in seamlessly with your content.

Start your blog writing habit today and help take your site from somewhere visitors might stop briefly on, to somewhere you can engage and speak to your visitors directly and regularly. This blog is going to take you places so start reading around and develop your style for writing that hits the right spot.

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*Collaborative post