Saturday 27 June 2020

Erin Condren 18 Month Petite Planner

I am a huuuuge Erin Condren user. I have so many of their products, I'm sure I could open a shop of their stuff with my own collection! Regardless of all the planner community drama surrounding EC the person the past few weeks, I'm still using and sharing the products. I love them, they bring me peace, happiness, an organised mind, and also helps with anxiety.

Last year I picked up an 18 month petite planner, but for love nor money, I cannot find it anywhere and never got the chance to use it. However, this year I wanted another one. I want to actually try to use it without it going missing - or maybe I accidentally threw it out? So I popped over to the Erin Condren website, when the new releases went live a few months back, to see if they had one for July 2020 to December 2021.

And lo and behold they did!

The 18 month petite planner, is currently is selling for $14, which is about the normal price for a petite planner from the company. Don't forget if you're based in the UK like I am, you have to pay $24.95 for international shipping, and they even add on customs tax at the checkout, so you can get your products faster! I always try and do a big order so it warrants the prices.

I put some stickers on the first page to mark my name, and then you're straight into the planner. Up first is a July 2020 to December 2021 overview page with a mini calendar for each month. I've highlighted the weeks I'm off work this year already, and have faintly circled the week I'd like off in pencil. All just depends on what I can get off work, so the pencil is easy to move about.

From here, you go into all the monthly spreads. I've already customised my planner to Monday-Sunday instead of the EC standard of Sunday-Saturday monthly layouts. I use these petite date stickers from YourWorldOfColour, so it's more cohesive for me, as this is my working week. You can see how the original looks for September 2021 above. I'm just waiting on these stickers to arrive so I can finish changing it up until end of next December.

I had to white out all the holidays for that month as they were then on the wrong dates, but I can put them in when it's closer to the time in pen!

After all the monthly spreads, you then have 46 dot grid pages to do with what you wish. I had no idea what to do with them, but then had a random idea. I found these monthly sticker packs from Amazon UK, and went ahead with them. I have put a monthly sticker at the top of 18, 2-page spreads, so I can do monthly notes, YouTube video ideas, doodles, pre-plans, etc. After that was done, I still have 10 black dot grid pages to use up, but will figure out what to do with those later on.

At the very back page, is a 2022 yearly overview, which is so weird to be thinking about a year that is so far away! I'll probably start to use that this time next year, so I can start planning out some ideas for then. I also have a sticky note of the things I want to track through the next 18 months in the planner, so I can carry it around and it can be more useful.

Finally, at the very back of the petite planner, there is a page of stickers to go with the planner. I found my stickers from last years one (still no idea where it is?!) and a few other small sheets that I could potentially use. I've also stuck one of the EC pen holders I've had for a year to it, so I'll always have a pen on hand. I'll start carrying this around when July rolls around, so it's always on hand.

Do you use any Erin Condren products, or are a planner yourself? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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