Friday 30 March 2018

March 2018 Faves

Hey lovely readers! It's Good Friday right now, so hope you're all ready for all the chocolate on Easter! I've already had my 'Easter' a week ago, which is known as Ostara/Eostre among Wiccans. I'm still having some chocolate with the family on Sunday, but until then, I've got 2 shifts to get out of the way.

Along with my usual fave songs, tv shows, movies, and monthly picture - I want to share a blogger I'm loving right now, plus a news story that's made me smile! I think there's a lot of bad things happening on this planet right now, so wanted to share some of the good I've found. Hope you all have a great April and Easter!

This is a song I only discovered about 8 days ago, but LOVE it. Been a Todrick fan since his 'Splits on trees' days, so this one is a JAM. I've been so excited for the new album as the OZ one, was amazing. Love this!

News Story
    'Our love began in a Burmese war camp, and led us all the way to Strictly Come Dancing' 
    Madge and Basil met in a makeshift hospital in the Burmese jungle in 1944, where Madge was a 20-year-old nurse. 5 months into volunteering, she met Basil, who later sent her a note to ask her on a date. They married in 1947, and now have two grown up daughters. The team at Strictly wanted to reenact our love story on their Remembrance Day special, and they both said yes!

    TV Show
    I am finally catching up on my TV shows and this one has been amazing this series. And YAY, no-one died in the series finale. They've left it on a bit of a cliffhanger with this 'mysterious' new kid at the college, and I want to know who's kid he is already!

    I finally got round to seeing this near the start of the month, and it was INCREDIBLE. Shuri is my fave person in the whole film, she was so funny - plus she's ridiculously smart. I loved the entire film, and the fact the army was all female! Can't wait to see more of them all in Infinity War.

    Fave picture of the month is this one of all the Harry Potter bags in Primark. Primark are doing really well with their Harry Potter and Disney merch right now, and yes - that is a Golden Snitch backpack! My sister and I have the brown and black satchels, but I'm tempted to get more of them...


    Check out her blog, or her twitter and instagram
    I found Aimee's blog about two years ago while searching for some new bloggers on twiter! She's a lovely blogger, who also has some really great content on her blog, such as her Official Wedding Pictures, and the more recent Spring Cleaning!

    Hope you enjoy this new format of my monthly faves - please let me know what you think as I'd love to hear your opinions! How has your March been, and what are your faves from the categories above? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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    Wednesday 28 March 2018

    Orlando Holiday Diary: Day 12 - Hollywood Studios!

    Today we decided to head back to Hollywood Studios, even though we'd done most of the park already! We got there a little earlier this time, but it was still busy, but we were able to get straight into the park, and headed over the Hollywood Tower Hotel first! We walked straight onto the ride, and then rode it a second time with our fastpass!

    After the ride, we went and had a look around the shops for an hour and found the original Pink Power Ranger outfit from the MMPR days when it was Kimberly! Our next fastpass was Toy Story Mania, which was still a 15 minutes wait time, even with the fastpasses!

    After Toy Story Mania, we had an hour to kill before the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, so we sat in the Star Wars Launch bay for a nice sit down and to catch up on social media on our phones with the free wi-fi!

    After that, we headed to see the stunt show, and thankfully with our fastpasses, we were first in the line, so got really good seats this time, right at the front - just behind the tech pit, where the crew were working the music and the set design.

    After the stunt show, we went to get a drink from a cart and then left the park. On the way out, we caught a part of the Captain Phasma's March of the First Order, which was really good, watching them parade down the main street to the stage. We'd got to this area a little late so couldn't get near the stage to watch properly, so we ended up leaving still.

    We then headed to the Applebee's on the 192, which was DELICIOUS, and then headed back to the villa for a little swim in the pool! I then vlogged what we were up to and fell out the back door, flat on my backside. I ended up with a beautiful bruise...

    Today was an such a great day again, and I bought way too much merchandise as usual! What part of the park is your fave? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :) 

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    Monday 26 March 2018

    2018 Makeup Storage

    A new year meant it was time for me to sort out some of my bedroom and that meant starting with my makeup storage. The last time I showed you how I stored everything was back in 2014, which came in two parts!

    Since then, my collection has grown a bit, but it's a little more refined now! So I thought this would be the perfect time to show you my new storage!

    I use a four drawer filing unit for my makeup! It's cheaper than a lot of fancy makeup storage units, and is a lot smaller than the ones I've seen from Ikea, but this is the perfect size for me. It's sat on my desk - excuse the mess in the pictures, I was too lazy to tidy properly!

    This was £22.99 from The Range, and is the much larger version of the tiny one I've been using for the last 4 years.

    The bottom drawer holds my one dry shampoo, and all of my body sprays. It's also home to the few setting sprays that I own, plus my sponges! There's no particular order to this drawer, as I just threw in the last things I had, so this could do with a sort out!

    The third drawer is home to my Real technique brushes that I've not yet used, as well as my bronzers, W7 palettes, and my treasures Urban Decay Naked palettes. I have a few primers in here that are rolling around as well!

    Second draw is filled with all my other eyeshadow palettes, and two eyebrow kits. There's even a few mono shadows under the Crown Brush one! This draw gets rearranged frequently, depending on what mood I'm wanting for my eye looks. Currently using the Wild Child BH Cosmetics platette, so that's at the front.

    The top drawer of the unit is split into three sections, which is an ideal way for me to store all my longer items! In the front, and largest section, are my foundations, concealers, and powders. I use these more than my other products, so they're front and center.

    Behind that, we have a section which is filled with all my mascaras, eye liner pencils, gels and pens.The third section is housing my many, many, lip stains, and the few lipsticks I actually like! Last count, I had 20 lip stains, so the section is pretty big!

    I really like this unit for my makeup, and it's the perfect size for everything! I still have the metal mesh pen pot holder for my brushes, which you can see in the original makeup storage post. How do you store all of your beauty bits? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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    Friday 23 March 2018

    Picture Perfect | March 2018

    I haven't done a picture update for ages on my blog, so thought I'd try and get back into it here and there. I don't take many pictures anymore, so I'll only be doing this every few months as an update - or more often if I've been busy!

    Here are a few pictures of what I've been up to since the start of the year. Enjoy!

    Watching the Royal Rumble Wrestling with Mike

    One of my nights out with Nicola!


    Got back into journalling 

    Bought a Drag Race fan book, and it's sooo good!

    I took a lot more pictures of the snow, but don't want to bore you all with it! Hope March has been treating you well so far. What have you all been up to this month? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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    Wednesday 21 March 2018

    Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

    Image Source
    And let the best woman win!

    I am a HUGE RuPaul's Drag Race fan! We've just been blessed with the SICKENING All Stars season 3, and tomorrow night - March 22nd - we are being gifted with season 10! We've had a few looks at the new Queens, and they all look BOSS.

    There are 14 Queens this season, and from the promos, and other bits I've found from each Queen online, I've already decided on who I'd like to be in the top 6, and which ones I'm not sure on from my first impressions.

    Column 1
    Eureka O’Hara - We already know about Eureka from season 9. She was taken out of the competition by Ru on medical advice, due to an injured knee from the Cheerleading challenge. I loved her in S9, so I have high hopes for her this season!
    Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams - There's something about her attitude in the promos that I just LOVED. Plus I love her name!
    Asia O’Hara - I loved the reason behind her name, and there's something about her that reminds me of S9 Queen, Peppermint.

    Column 2
    The Vixen - She slightly reminds me of Sahara Davenport, so I think this Queen will be an amazing dancer
    Miz Cracker - Looks a little like the Farrah Moan of this season, so will see how well she does! Also, the fishy Queen of this season...
    Blair St. Clair - I can't put my finger on it, but something makes me think this Queen is going to cause some drama!!
    Vanessa Vanjie Mateo - Already not a huge fan of Vanessa, but I hope to be proven wrong. She is a member of Alexis Mateo's house after all!

    Column 3
    Mayhem Miller - Instantly reminds me of Kennedy Davenport, but with a fresh twist!
    Aquaria - Good lawd, she looks a woke Pearl. Has an attitude that I think will cause some very good memes and kitty fights backstage!
    Kameron Michaels - Not a fan of her promo look at all, so hoping she busts out some good looks during the season.
    Dusty Ray Bottoms - I wasn't an Acid Betty fan. and sadly Dusty reminds me of her, so I'm not liking her so far. Hoping to be proven that I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover!

    Column 4
    Monique Heart - Looks a little like Shea Coulee, who was my fave of S10! Seems perky and positive, so I'm all here for her!
    Monet X Change - Love her look, and she reminds me of Bob the Drag Queen! Had a great promo in the 'Meet the Queens' section, so can't wait to see what she does!
    Yuhua Hamasaki - Ah, the seamstress! I really like Yuhua already, and has said she can dance, act and sew, so the other Queens should watch out!

    So there are our new 14 Queens! I'm so excited for this season. As for my top 6...

    Eureka O’Hara, Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams, Asia O’Hara, Monique Heart, Monet X Change, and Yuhua Hamasaki are my top 6 picks! I bet this will all change after the first episode tomorrow, as my opinions usually switch up after the first episode of the season!

    I think the first Queen to go out will be Kameron Micheals, but we shall see! Which Queens do you think will be the top 3, and who do you think will be out first? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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    * All images are from Comedy Central