Tuesday 18 November 2014

My Makeup Storage | Part 2

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I posted part one of these two makeup storage ideas. Along with my storage three drawer stack and stationary holders for other little things, I also have a drawer in my desk for all my things. 

Inside the drawer are a couple of makeup bags with things inside them, along with other random items and products I've not yet used and found a home for. So here is the contents of the drawer...

This is everything filled right in! As you can see there are a lot of boxes, products and a makeup bag or two.

At the back are some facial wipes and cotton buds that I rarely use. And on the right are a large amount of waxing strip boxes, makeup sponge wedges and two Real Techniques cases. 

Makeup bag #1 - Here are all my small eyeshadow palettes, eye shadow sticks and hair bands/grips. I've used all of these mini quads and the MUA palette. The hair bands/grips are in little bags so they don't get lost and I can find what I'm after a lot quicker.

There are also two blushers, a liquid eyeliner, brow kit, volume powder and press on nails in the first makeup bag. 
Bag #2 - Holds all my lip products. I've used and loved the lip stains for a year now. The Neon pink and dark red lippy lasted a few more days and then I threw them out a day or so after taking pictures! 

Loose Products - Within the drawer I also have >
2 MR Palettes, Witch Moitsturiser, Garnier Primer, Havala Nail Dry, Rimmel Colour Palette, Elizabeth Arden Mascara, W7 Mascara, Lee Stafford Spray, Face Mask, Nivea sun protect, ROC sun protect, 17 Primer, Boots Eye Gel and a Tea Tree blemish stick.

So that's all that is within the drawer. It's a little full so I think I should clear it out and get rid of anything I've not used for more than six months or no longer like! How do you store your products? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Uhhh! I wish my makeup draws looked like this!! Everything looks so pretty! Mine are all jumbled up and mix matched... I really have some sorting to do! Haha :) x


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