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New To Driving? 12 Reasons To Buy A Vauxhall Corsa*

There’s no denying getting out and about is so much easier if you’ve got access to a car. For a start, you don’t have to rely on other people to give you lifts. Nor do you need to worry about taking public transport, especially in the evening.
The trouble is, with so many different makes and models on the market, how do you know which one is right for your needs? If you’re new to motoring and you want to keep your costs down, it’s worth considering a Vauxhall Corsa. Here’s why:

1. One of the best-selling cars in the UK

Did you know that, since the model’s inception back in 1993, the Corsa has consistently been one of the top ten best-selling vehicles in the UK? There are hundreds of thousands of Corsa models on Britain’s roads, and you’ll quickly come across one wherever you go.
The Corsa is even a popular vehicle used by many police forces across the UK. These days, the Corsa is now in its fifth generation. It’s still proving to be a popular model for both new and seasoned motorists.

2. Insurance is affordable for new motorists

There is a variety of different engine and trim level options on the Corsa. For example, the ones that have the cheapest insurance groups are the 1.0 and 1.2-litre models such as the SXi.
As someone that is new to driving and hasn’t much driving experience, such examples are ideal for keeping your insurance costs down. Insurers use a variety of factors to calculate insurance premiums, but the main ones are the model and engine capacity.

3. The Vauxhall Corsa is simple to drive

Whether you get an older model or a brand new example, one thing you’ll instantly notice is how easy it is to drive the Vauxhall Corsa. Clutch control isn’t difficult to master in the Corsa, whether you’re driving a 1.0-litre model or something sporty like the 1.6-litre VXR.
Of course, if you’d prefer not to drive a car with a manual transmission, the Vauxhall Corsa is still the right car for you. It’s possible to get Corsas with a four-speed automatic or the clutchless “EasyTronic” gearbox.

4. Parking is a doddle

One of the things that many motorists hate about driving is the need to park their vehicles. One fact you’ll discover as you have more driving experience is how some cars are a nightmare to park!
When you get behind the wheel of a Vauxhall Corsa and look around the cabin, you’ll notice how you’ve got excellent all-round visibility. There are no large blind spots to negotiate, plus the size of the car means it’ll fit in even the smallest of spaces.

5. Corsas are well-built

No-one likes thinking about getting involved in a collision with other vehicles on the road. Yet the sad truth is thousands of people end up in a crash. The Vauxhall Corsa has one of the best safety ratings for vehicles in its class.
According to EuroNCAP, the latest Vauxhall Corsa models score 84% and 86% for adult and child occupants in a crash. Those figures mean the Corsa is one of the safest vehicles in its class.
And when it comes to body repairs, parts are plentiful and affordable. While many people have repairs carried out through their insurance companies, it’s good to know that an official Vauxhall bodyshop is still accessible if you must pay for any repairs yourself.

6. Servicing and maintenance is affordable

Some cars on the market these days might seem cheap enough to buy. However, the real problem is when you need to service those vehicles or carry out periodic maintenance. Some brands charge a fortune for certain parts!
The good news is that’s not anything you must worry about when you buy a Vauxhall Corsa. That’s because the model is so popular and well-known in the UK that parts are plentiful and affordable.
You don’t have to wait weeks for even simple service parts to get shipped to you; it’s possible to go to any car parts store locally and buy what you need! Did you know that it’s even cost-effective to get your Corsa maintained at a dealership?
Vauxhall dealers usually have special offers or fixed price servicing deals for Corsa owners. You can even spread the cost of a “service plan” at your local dealership, so you don’t have to pay out for a three-figure servicing bill!

7. More smiles per miles in the Vauxhall Corsa

It might seem silly to some people but driving the Vauxhall Corsa is quite a positive experience. Even on long journeys, the Corsa will still leave you smiling and can well end up being one of the best cars you’ll ever own.
The Corsa is available in three or five-door configurations, so you’ve got plenty of options if you travel solo or take everything but the kitchen sink with you on each journey!

8. Low fuel costs

Many people will tell you that only diesel vehicles will return the best miles per gallon. One fact that might shock you is how even the petrol engines in the Corsa range are economical on fuel.
The 1.2 16v engine, for instance, can typically give you a range of around 300-350 miles from a full tank of petrol. If you do plenty of long-distance driving, there are turbodiesel engine options to choose.
If you’re thinking of buying a brand new Corsa, you could even consider going for the “Corsa-e” model - the first fully electric Corsa available on the market in its 27-year history. The Corsa-e has a range of just over 200 miles from a single charge, in case you wondered!

9. Sporty options for car enthusiasts

Are you someone that appreciates the engineering and performance of today’s cars? If so, you’ll love the Vauxhall Corsa. As you can imagine, there are many different trim levels for each generation of the Corsa range.
You’ll be happy to know that there are sporty options for motorists that want a car that has high power under the bonnet and an eye-catching exterior. Take, for example, the Corsa “D” and Corsa “E” third and fourth generations respectively.
You could opt for a Corsa “E” VXR which comes with a 1.6-litre 16v turbocharged petrol engine as standard. It outputs 205 brake horsepower and will get you from zero to 60 mph in a mere 6.5 seconds.
Does that seem like too much of an automotive beast for your liking? If so, there are other less-powerful but still sporty options you can consider. For example, the SXi and SRi models are very stylish and capable for everyday driving.

10. Modern features for the modern motorist

It’s no secret that we all live in an age where wirelessly streaming music is the norm, and hands-free calling is commonplace on the road. As someone looking to buy what is perhaps their first car, you want to make sure you get a car with useful modern features.
Thankfully, the Vauxhall Corsa has got you covered. The latest models offer Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free calling. Many options also come with DAB digital radio, plus satellite navigation on certain trim levels.
But, that’s not all you can expect from one of Britain’s most popular superminis! The Vauxhall Corsa comes equipped with features as standard such as air conditioning, power steering, and ABS (anti-lock braking system) to name just a few.

11. The Vauxhall Corsa doesn’t cost the Earth to buy

When you’re new to motoring, the last thing you want to do is pay a fortune for your first car. However, you don’t want to spend too little and end up with a vehicle that fast becomes a money pit!
One thing you’ll notice when you look at prices for brand new Vauxhall Corsas is they are significantly lower than similar models from the likes of Ford, Citroen, and Volkswagen. Another fact you’ll soon discover is the low prices of used Vauxhall Corsa examples.
In short, you’ll find a Corsa to suit your budget. What could be better than that?

12. You won’t want to sell your Corsa

As you know, people’s circumstances change throughout their lives. Many people will end up starting a family, for example, and will need a capable vehicle to carry small humans. The Corsa is an ideal car whether you’re driving solo or have to transport your kids regularly.
Even if you decide to get another car, you’ll likely end up keeping your Corsa! Many motorists enjoy the fun driving experience that the Corsa offers. As such, they just couldn’t bring themselves to sell their pride and joy.

Final thoughts

The above reasons are a small subset of why you should buy a Vauxhall Corsa for your first or next car. It’s a fun vehicle to drive, cheap to obtain and maintain, and even the early models from the 1990s still look aesthetically pleasing.
You’ll quickly find the right Corsa for your needs, and you won’t regret your decision!

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