Thursday 30 July 2015

Monthly Favourites #4 - July

Hello everyone!

It's time for another monthly faves! I'm still going with my method of keeping away from beauty things and do the little categories I've chosen below!!

I've had my old hardrive plugged in for most of the month, which means all my old songs are on there! The one I've had on the most is this one by Cheryl Cole, back when she was still Cole! I remember not liking it a lot when I came out, but I've been loving it so much this month!

My favourite picture from this month has to be this one of a motorbike at the Harley Davidson even on July 4th. There were so many bikes and this was just one of the many that I really liked!

TV Show
OITNB has taken over this month. I started watching this in November as people kept going on about it, and I made it to episode eleven and then work took over. I totally forgot about it until the end of June and have spent all of July playing catch up! I finally finished all three seasons and OMG. This has become one of my fave shows of all time.

I went to see Spy at the start of the month for one of the last showings at my cinema. I'd wanted to see it since it came out and I was not disappointed. This was hilarious. McCarthy and Statham are two of my fave actors and they blew this out of the park. I'm going to have to get this on DVD and watch it a dozen more times!!

Random Section
So for the random selection, I've gone with this image of one of my 'adult' colouring pages! I've become a little obsessed with these and think they are damn amazing!

Hope you enjoyed these faves for July! What have you loved this month from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, Mega Instant | Review

Hello everyone!

I've been trying out some new dry shampoos recently as a 'pick me up' while staying at the boyfriend's house. This Aussie Dry Shampoo is for normal or greasy hair and is meant to be quick and refreshing. This is the 180ml version and retails at £4.71 in Boots. I previously reviewed the Aussome Volume one which you can read about here

It has Jojoba Seed Extract in it, so the smell is quite strong, but it does work wonders. The nozzle is a standard spray device and allows a decent amount of product to come out. I found that I needed about ten or so sprays of this for my hair to look good again - whereas the Aussome volume one was about half of this. Any more and it still works well, but I find my hair to be a little heavier and flat looking.

The scent is very strong too, likely due to the Jojoba seed, but the smell fades after a while so it's not too bad and is actually pleasant. It is fast to use and refreshes the hair nicely, and works to some extent. Overall it's a pretty good product but I prefer the Aussome volume one as I could see much better results with it. 

Have you tried this at all, and how did you find it? Let me know! Hope you have a great evening and keep safe :)
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Friday 24 July 2015

Capital FM Beauty Box - Best Of Summer

Hello everyone!

You may have seen a few bloggers mention this beauty box from Latest In Beauty, all in collaboration with Capital FM. The box contents comes to over £57, but you can buy the box for just £17.95! The best part is this is a subscription service, but you pick which box you want and went, so you don't have to have one every month, and pay out money for boxes you don't even want.

So what is inside the box?

Inside you can find:
-Carmex Moisture Plus Berry Lip Balms
-Colab Paris Dry Shampoo
-Dr.Organic Dead Sea Mud Mask
-Fudge Urban Hair Art Spray - Violet Haze
-Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion SPF30
-I Love...Perfectly Peachy Shower Créme
-Malin & Gotez Trio
-MUA Mega Volume Mascara
-MUA Eyeshadow Pallet - Poptastic
-Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish - Mercer Street

Of all of these, I've only ever tried the MUA products before, and the Colab dry shampoo, but not this scent. I'm going to be taking these on my holiday with me to give them a try, and hope they are good! For the price of the box and what is inside, I really think it is really worth it!

Have you got this box yourself, or tried any of the products inside? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday 20 July 2015

Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel | Review

Hello everyone!

You may have seen that Zoella has released a new set of products for her beauty product range, adding to the previous products from last Autumn. You can see all the available products at Superdrug! If you remember when the other range came out, I tried three products and was really underwhelmed and disappointed in the products and the scent. You can read that review here.

Anyway I went into to Superdrug to buy just one product this time to see if it would be any better! This retails at £3.50 in Superdrug, and I don't think that's too bad for the size of this and what the products is itself.

The packaging is really cute like last time, and I like all the pastel colours and the little lace patterns that cover all the items, but this is the only thing in the range I knew I'd actually use and might like. As it's part of the 'tutti fruity' range, I was really hoping for a strong scent of fruits that would be miles better than the last range.

The scent is nice actually, and though it's not the strongest scent in the world, it's perfect for having a shower! I used this the other day and you can definitely smell it when using it and it's all soapy and bubbly - but the scent didn't last too long afterwards. I could still smell it on my skin for about an hour, which isn't too bad - but I'd have liked something that lasted longer than that.

There is Acai Berry and Blueberry in it, which you can definitely smell, but the benefits are that it has left my skin super soft and feeling nice and clean. It does what it says on the bottle and was easy to use, so can't complain to much about it.

Compared to the last range, this one seems a lot better and the scent is at least bearable compared to the previous one! The products are also not tested on animals, which is an added bonus. Have you tried any of the Zoella range, past or current? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday 15 July 2015

July Playlist

Hello everyone!

I've been listening to a lot of music as usual this month, so thought I would create this little list off all the songs I am loving right now! Click any of the titles to get taken to a YouTube video, so you can check them out for yourself :)

Like any of the songs? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday 13 July 2015

Escada Turquoise Summer Perfume | Review

Hello everyone!

Before I start the review, just a little fact: This is my 400th post. Wow. I never thought I'd manage 100 posts, let alone this many! Thank you for still reading my sporadically posted reviews and life updates! And now onto the post...

I love a good perfume and I'm always looking for a summer scent, usually one I've never tried before. I spotted this one on Fragrance Direct a few weeks ago and have since seen it on a blog and mentioned on Facebook a dozen times, so I ended up buying it. This particular item comes with a small beauty case as well as the 30ml perfume - all for £21.99.

It smells like a mix of watermelon, strawberries and vanilla with a hint of musk as well, but I can't smell the pineapple that is described on the site. The bottle is so pretty and the bag is just the right size for cosmetics and brushes for going away in - not to mention it is so neon and bright which I love!

The colours, bottle and scent is just perfect for summer and I'll be using this a lot as well as taking it on on my holiday! I love the shape of the bottle too as it's easy to hold and use, unlike some wider bottles which are just so tricky to use!

Have you tried this or any other Escada products? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Thursday 9 July 2015

ImPress Press-On Manicure | Review

Hello everyone!

A while ago I found some of these false nails in my beauty drawer and decided it was due time to try them out. I won these in a giveaway last summer so they don't seem to be in stores any more, However Boots have a range of them! They retail between £6.99 and £8.99, depending on the style and where you buy them.

I've never worn false nails before, so this was quite the experiment! I done these on Thursday early evening, and they lasted until Monday night - very impressed with these! They're meant to last for 'up to a week' so to have got four a bit days worth out of them is really good in my opinion.

They lasted a number of showers, working on the tills, ridiculous heat and a BBQ - and I didn't have any trouble with them either. My natural nails are usually a lot longer than this, so these didn't make things harder or difficult at all. I actually had to cut my own nails down just so these covered them up properly!

Overall, I love these and will be buying more of these in different styles for the summer! Have you tried these out at all and what did you think? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Ali Express Haul #2

Hello everyone!

Today is a little haul of some goodies I bought from AliExpress! I am obsessed with this site and have found some really cute stationary bits and bobs since I began searching the site. I've had about eight orders off the site, some bulk buys and others just single items, but thought I'd share this one with you!

Toothpaste Rollers

Nail Stampers

Brush | Sponge | Dustpan

Hair Sponge Rollers

The site is generally all in USD and once that was converted into GBP, this whole haul came to less than £10. I bought one of everything that I liked, and will then buy more if I like them (which I totes do!) As these are shipped by China Mail, it took about 12 days to reach me, which I don't mind waiting - however I have had to wait over a month for one order before, so be patient!

I bought all of this from the same seller and you don't always get to chose the designs that you get. Each item comes in a variety, and not always quite like in the images, so double check the product descriptions before buying. 

Have you bought anything off AliExpress and did you like the service? It's a bit like Ebay! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday 6 July 2015

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara | Review

Hello everyone!

I love mascara more than any other beauty product, and this is a new find of mine! I picked this up when it was on sale a few months ago and ended up buying it again for £10.99 in Boots a few weeks ago and decided to give it a review! There is also a waterproof version available which I also got, but have not tried out yet!

This is also the first Max Factor product that I've tried and I love it! The spoolie is perfect at getting all the lashes and gives a nice even coating of the mascara. It doesn't clump either which is perfect and it does make my lashes look more dense. I've never worn false lashes, so can't compare the two, but this does a wonderful job.

Definitely recommending this and would buy it for a third time! Have you tried this at all, and what are your thoughts on it? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Thursday 2 July 2015

My June 2015

Hello everyone!

Sixth month of the new year to look back at! Here is just a little recap of my June! :)  Hope you like this little overview!

  • Got to go to the cinema twice and saw Jurassic World and The Minions Movie
  • FINALLY finished A Feast for Crows in the ASOIAF series, so now onto the last book - a Dance With Dragons!
  • Had another dinner date with Nicola and you can see that episode here
  • Dad and Ash worked on the shed roof for a few days and they managed to sort it out before the rain started!
  • Got two of my work shifts messed up, two weeks in a row...
  • Massive heat wave has happened here in the UK
  • Got a Steam account and I am obsessed with Eldevin and Four Kings Casino
  • Bought a heap of skirts for summer and they're all so lush
  • All of my TV shows ended this month, so I'm at a loss of things to watch!
  • TV I've watched: Game of Thrones, Top Gear, Gogglebox, Family Guy
  • Films I've watched:  Jurassic World, Minions Movie, Star Wars: A New Hope,  
  • What I've been reading: A Feast For Crows, A Dance With Dragons

Got my American candy and never been so happy | Smoothie time! | Fajita cooking

Getting ready for the day | New outfits | Shoe clear out 2.0
With the sister | With the best friend 

Shed fixing! | Selfie | Obsessed with Poker

Bed selfie | Geeky treats! | Another Saturday alone in the canteen...

Want to watch what I've been up to this month? Check out the vlog!

Well that is it for my month overall, and the sixth month of 2015! A good year so far! I hope you enjoyed this catch-up post from June! Have a great day and keep safe :)

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