Wednesday 29 June 2016

Monthly Favourites #15 - June

It's that time of the month where I look back and share some of my fave things with you! Ranging from songs, TV and movies, to whatever lies in the random section!

I am still obsessed with Fifth Harmony, and their new album 7/27 came out on last month and it's AMAZING. This song is their newest single that's been released in the USA, while here in England, we seem to be a few behind! I like the video too and has a super summer vibe to it! 

My favourite picture from this month has to be this one of the lid off my 'Fruitopolis' yoghurt! I had this as a quick snack the other week, and when I peeled the lid off, this is what was left staring at me! Had to have a little giggle at it!

TV Show
I have been waiting for OITNB season 4 since last year, and it finally got released on the 17th - all 13 episodes went straight on Netflix! I was so happy the whole thing went up so quickly and I was able to watch it all by bed time on the 18th! I blitzed it!
It was a very powerful episode, focusing on mental health, racism and the Black Lives Matter movement - something I am really happy to see being shown in such a popular and diverse TV show. The whole season was incredible, and totally heart wrenching if you've seen the last 2 episodes. I was bawling like a baby by the end.

Having loved the first movie of the TMNT movies, this one was a must-see for me. And because Amell is in it - which is reason enough for anyone who loves him in Arrow! The film had lots of laughs, action scenes and a pretty good storyline! Hope there's a third one!

Random Section
So for the random section, I've gone with this image of my Bullet Journal 'Money Planning' page. It's a little way for me to track the things I'd like to save up for - and how much I want to save for each thing. The final totals and 'ideal' amount to save for each thing is just a rough number, but it's given me an idea of what I want to save for first and what can be done later!

Hope you enjoyed these faves for June! What have you loved this month from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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Monday 27 June 2016

BH Cosmetics: Wild Child Palette Review

My love and obsession with BH Cosmetics is getting worse with each payday, and right now, I've gone and bought some more goodies from them!! Considering they are a USA based company, I can place and order with them on a Thursday and have it on my doorstep the following Friday. Amazing!

One of my purchases is the Wild Child palette. I've had this since February and it's so good! I use this pretty much everyday as it's got nine shades that I love, and can use all the time.

This was part of the 'Winter Steal Deal' from the star of the year. You got a 9 shadow palette of your choice, a blending brush and an animal print cosmetic bag all for $9. You can't get the deal any more, but you can still buy them all separate! 

The palette is a bargain when converted back into GBP, and it's a nice small size that it's compact enough to fit in your makeup bag.

The nine shades allow you to try different looks and styles. I'm quite fond of using the copper/brown shades for day time, and then switch up to the purple for an evening smoky eye look. Along with the blending brush that it came with, it works wonders. It's super pigmented and it doesn't take a lot of product to get the desired effect! I'm almost down to the pan in a few of the colours, so I'll need to buy another one before summer is over!

Have you heard of BH Cosmetics before and have you tried any of their products? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Friday 24 June 2016

NO7 Lovely Lash Mascara

If you remember back in December, NO7 from Boots done an advent calendar for £38 and I bought it so I could test the brand out? So far I've tried out the body washexfoliator and day cream... I've been underwhelmed to say the least. I've also tried a makeup product out, in the form of the eye makeup remover, but didn't like it!

I decided to try the Lovely Lash Mascara next - which you can buy for £12.95, which is way expensive for a mascara in my opinion!

For an expensive mascara, it's not the best I've tried, but it's still good.

It give a good coating of product on the lashes and is a nice jet black, so it makes your eyes pop. I already have long lashes (thank you genetics), so there wasn't a big improvement in length, but still looked pretty good!

I'd personally not buy this for the price as it's far too overpriced for me, but the results are good if you don't mind the money. Overall I didn't mind it, and it's the best NO7 product I've tried out so far. Hopefully the other makeup items are good!

Have you tried any of the NO7 range and what did you think? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday 22 June 2016

Sabai Soaps* Review

A little over a month ago, the Sabai Soap people contacted me and asked if I'd like to try one of their products. I'm not usually a soap person, but as they said these soaps helped bring back Jon Snow, I had to say yes!! Obviously they were joking, but it had me hooked!

The soap arrived a few days later and it was the Orange Spice* scent. If you ever had to do a school Carol concert in a Church, at your local primary school - then that's the scent. The orange and spice sticks you carried in the Church!

If you haven't a clue what the scent is, it's like a really strong cinnamon spice scent, mixed with warm orange!

The soap came in a little paper covering, and the soap is wrapped in clingfilm on the inside. Opening it up, you get hit with a overpowering wave of the scent!

It's slightly bumpy to touch, but when rubbed under water, it gives of a super nice scent, and leaves you feeling really soft - which surprised me due to the bumpiness of the soap! You can try this for yourself or try one of the others in the range.  This retails for £5.25*, which isn't too bad for a handmade soap, but maybe too pricey if you're just after something simple. It's all down to personal choice!

I really liked this soap, and thank you Sabai Soaps for letting me try this! Have you tried this brand before, and if so what did you think? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday 20 June 2016

The Tania & Nicola Show | June

I'm going to level with you all.

I've not got a post planned properly for today.

I've been ill over the weekend and have had zero motivation for a blog post for today. I could either rush a half-ass post for you about a product with shitty pictures or I could have a cheat day and share with you a video off my YouTube channel that I posted at the weekend!

So that's what I'm doing.

Here is this month's Tania & Nicola show episode! We have a nice long chat about life, movies and my Dad's imagination... Have a watch!

I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday 15 June 2016

The A-Z Of Tania Michele

I've seen this idea (or something similar) floating about on the internet for a year or two  now, so I'm not sure who started it, but I thought it was a really good idea! I've been wanting to do it for ages, and I've really struggled to think of something for each letter! But here is what I managed to do:

Asthmatic - My lung capacity sucks...
Blogger - I've been doing this for almost 3 years now and I love it!
Cornwall - A family holiday destination
Deli counter - The department I've been on at work since September!
England - My country where I live!
Ford KA - My car
Goonies - My fave 80's film
Hair - I'm quite good at braids and I'm currently learning more styles
Internet - The place I can be found 99% of the time!
Jeggings - I've literally worn a version of these everyday for 10+ years!
Kent - My county in England!
Lists - I'm a bit of a 'make a list' addict
Morrisons - Where I work!
Nuts - I have a seriously bad allergy to these!
Orlando - The place I'd like to visit next year for a holiday!
Peircings - I've only had my ears done and that's all I'm brave enough to do!
Queen - A band I love to listen to when I'm driving
Right handed - I can do almost nothing with my left hand!
Shoes - I have over 45 pairs after my last count...
Tills - I was a checkout operator for 5 years!
Umbridge - The character I hate so much in the Potter Franchise!!!!
Victoria's Secret - A new brand in my life and love their perfumes!
We The Kings - A band I LOVE, and I own all their albums!
X - The only letter that really stumped me!
Yellow - A new colour I'm trying to wear more often!
Zips - The one thing on my work uniform that I break EVERY DAMN SHIFT

This was so tricky! What would all of your letters be, and have you done a post like this before? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday 13 June 2016

Wishlist #25

I'm quite loving online shopping right now, and even though I'm in saving mode, it's not stopped me adding things to my wishlists!! Here are few of the things I really want to get when I get paid!

I'm currently having a lot of love for Quiz, and these are on my wishlist!

Wine Heels | Orange/Red Dress | Black Pattern Top | Polka Dress | Balloon print Heels

Like any of the above items? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Friday 10 June 2016

June Playlist

I've been listening to a lot of music over the past month month, so thought I would create this little list off all the songs I am loving right now! Click any of the titles to get taken to a YouTube video, so you can check them out for yourself :)

Like these songs? Let me know! Hope you have a great weekend and keep safe :)

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Monday 6 June 2016

The Beauty Blogger Tag

I was tagged over the weekend by Vicki to do this Beauty Blogger Tag! I've not done a tag for a while, so this is perfect to kick of a new week with! There are no rules to this, other than to answer the questions, so here it goes!

What's your fave perfume & what do you think it says about you?
I currently love 'Gold' from Primark, which they sadly seem to have stopped doing! I think it shows that I like strong perfumes

Contour or Strobe?
Neither! I've not tried them!

What's your night-time skincare routine?
I take off my makeup with micellar water, and then leave it! I sometime moisturize after, but I have naturally oily skin! 

Fave lip colour shade?
Dark purple!

Fave eyeshadow palette?
My Galaxy Chic Palette!!

What's your #1 makeup tip?
Wear what you want! You're wearing it for yourself and no-one else!

What's your fave store for cosmetics?
I'm obsessed with BH Cosmetics, which is an American based cosmetic store online

What's a high-end makeup item you'd love to own?
Anything by MAC!

Which celeb do you feel nails it, makeup wise?
I think the Kardashians (please don't hurt me) always look amazing, and so does Melissa McCarthy!

You have an hour to pack for a surprise weekend. What all rounder palette and lipstick would you choose to take with you?
I would grab my Forever Nude palette from BH Cosmetics, as it has 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 2 lipsticks and a highlighter all in one! It's a great travel kit!

And now I'm tagging Christina, Lisa and Sarah to answer these questions - but I also tag all my readers to do it too! What would your answers to these questions be? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Friday 3 June 2016

60 More Blog Post Ideas

I've been blogging for nearly three years now and I've done quite the variety of posts and topics over that time. I've also had a blog schedule where I crazily decided to post every day for over four months before hitting a dead end. It's the worst feeling having bloggers block!

I wrote a post back in March with 100 Blog Post Ideas, but I had a few more to share, so here they are for you to use when you're stuck for a post!

So here are a list of ideas I've blogged about myself, along with ones I've yet to try! Enjoy!

  1. Oldies but goodies
  2. How to do - nail art
  3. How to do - a hairstyle
  4. How to do - eye liner wings
  5. Top 5 uder £5
  6. Top 10 under £10
  7. Beauty wishlist
  8. How do you store your makeup?
  9. What are your beuaty travel essentials?
  10. Re-create a celeb's red carpet look
  11. Re-create a character's makeup look
  12. Which celeb makeup brands are worth the hype?
  13. Which celeb makeup brands aren't worth the hype?
  14. Beauty hacks
  15. Try a Pinterest or YouTube beauty tutorial and share the results
  1. What's in my Bullet Journal
  2. Twitter chat schedule
  3. Work Outs
  4. Giveaway/contest
  5. Book review
  6. Interview a blogger/youtuber
  7. GIF react to something
  8. Share your latest Instagram pics
  9. Life/Blog goals
  10. What's on your bucket list?
  11. #TBT
  12. Share an updated 'about me' post
  13. Saving habits you can try
  14. Spending bans & what you're saving for
  15. Share an inspiring quote
  16. Do an A-Z post on any topic
  17. Share a recipe of your own (or one you reallylike!)
  18. Monthly blog post round up
  19. Share a good or bad day with your readers
  20. Write a letter to your future self
  1. Figure collection
  2. Comic collection
  3. How to make - Cosplay outfit
  4. How to make - Geek jewellery
  5. How to make - Cosplay accessories
  6. Review a film with GIFs
  7. Share a movie franchise you love
  8. What makes you geeky?
  9. Fave TV shows based on comic books
  10. Fave Movies based on comic books
  11. What should non-geeks try out?
  12. What TV shows do you miss the most?
  13. Make some 'geeky food' and share with us! (eg - Harry Potter chocolate frogs!)
  14. Open letter to a fiction character
  15. Draw a comic and share it with us!
  1. Clothes wishlist
  2. How to style - a dress
  3. How to style - prints
  4. How to style - latest trend
  5. How to style - pastels / neons
  6. Best acessories a woman can have
  7. Top 10 under £10
  8. Top 10 under £20
  9. Re-create a celeb red carpet look for less
  10. How you style the same item in 5 ways!
Hope these were helpful in some way! Are there any other ideas you think should be on the list? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Picture Perfect #4

Having had a pretty awesome week off work, and a pretty productive week with my blog updating and my anniversary with Cameron, I decided it was time for another little 'life lately' post. I stopped doing my monthly overview posts as I felt they were getting too long winded, but I still want to share some snaps of my life with you now and then.

Here are some snap shots of my life and the things I've been up to, since the end of April! Hope you enjoy this pretty pic heavy post!

I got really into my bullet journal this month!

LOVE this Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

Bought myself a BB8 *geek screaming*

How rad does my cheese counter look at work look?? 

Cleaned my makeup brushes and they're super fluffy!

Had a lovely cake come through my letterbox...

Went to see X-Men Apocalypse and it was awesome!
What have you been up to lately and how often do to take pictures for memories? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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