Saturday 30 November 2013

Style Up - Aztec Pencil Skirt

Hello everyone!

Top £10 Select | Skirt £6 Select | Shoes £6 Primark
This little outfit is something I put together randomly one day and WOW. I adore this look and am mystified as to how I avoided the peplum look for so long. I never thought it would flatter my figure, but I was very wrong! The shoes are from Primark at £6 and I love them as I can actually walk in them! The skirt is now on sale at £6 (I bought it for £8) and the top is £10, both from Select! The skirt is a lovely length too, so I don't feel like I am showing too much leg off!

Click HERE for the top, and HERE for the skirt! No link for the shoes as Primark doesn't have an online store :(

As for why I look so serious in that selfie up there, I've no idea! If you like the outfit, let me know in the comments! Have a great day and keep safe!
Tania xxx

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Hello everyone!

Christmas is coming and I just had to post this now! Here are a small selection of gift ideas that are perfect for stocking fillers for both males and females! These are some that I have actually got for people and some that I also spotted on my shopping adventures that are also good ideas. Superdrug are perfect for Christmas gifts, so most of the products are from there :)

Going from the top left and clockwise! Click any of the product names to go and check them out :)

This little tin is perfect for a stocking as it is quite small and contains three different products from Lynx. You get a body spray, shower gel and shampoo. I've bought this for the past few years for male friends so I know that this is the perfect small gift.

This is something I've actually got my Dad this year, because he loves this sort of things and he's normally quite happy even without a gift, so this is perfect for him! It comes with three plastic cans to shoot at for practice and the pellets are suckerpads so cannot injure people!

I saw these while out shopping and thought that these would be perfect for anyone with teens who like nail polishes or anyone who is a 1D fan! These are in a small box, so again these are perfect for a stocking, and there are many other brands and companies that do small sets like this, so you can go for any of them!

This little bag of chocolate stars are a nice little treat for Christmas day and for such a cheap price, you can get these for many people! There are other little treats like this from Lindt and Nestle, so a nice variety are on offer.

I always buy a small one of these every year to accompany some gifts for people as they are nice and small and I have a lot of people in my family that like hand creams, so this one with a nice flowery scent is perfect!

A classic gift for men is a shaver of some sort, and this one is a nice size to squeeze into a stocking, and will hopefully be suited to someone you know! I've never bought one for a gift before, but family members have and it's always gone down pretty well!

This little five piece ring set is just a small something for anyone who like fashion rings or just a little bling in general. There are loads on offer, but if you want something cheaper for a stocking filler, rather than a main gift, then these are perfect.

I am forever buying these and receiving these as gifts each year, due to them being quite popular when I was at school! It's like a little nostalgic gift for me and my friends when we get them! I've tried to keep away from these this year and get other gifts, but these are amazing for small gifts.

You can find these in any supermarket or drugstore around Christmas as they are tiny enough for stocking fillers and are quite a nice little treat for anyone. I prefer the chocolate coins, but these have that little festive touch to them that makes them irresistible!

A nice little pair of earrings are perfect for Christmas, and in this nice golden colour, they are slightly festive! Like the rings, they are the perfect small gift alongside a bigger one and are perfect as a stocking filler!

Have you started your Christmas shopping and are you doing stocking fillers? Let me know in the comments and have an amazing day and keep safe :)
Tania xxx

Saturday 23 November 2013

An Update!

Hello everyone!

So I done a little update back in September about what had been going on with me and things that had been happening, and I've not done another one since! I want to try and do something like this every month or so just so you can maybe get a little peek into my life :) As usual, I'll bullet point things just to make it simpler to read!

  • I am still looking for either another part-time job or a full time one. No where is hiring for more than the Christmas season, or you need so many years experience in things I have never done! One of my friends from work in the same boat as me and she is finding it just as hard.
  • I've almost finished my Christmas shopping! Yes, I started back in September to spread the costs and that, but I have maybe two or three things left and then done.
  • My driving skills have improved a little bit more. I don't know what it is, but I just cannot pull away properly any more, so have been trying to sort this little error out and think I've done that at last. Urrrrgh, it gives me a headache.
  • I am currently going through all of my bedroom and getting rid of things I no longer use, want or need, so I will have more room and it will look way more organised.
  • I've been really good and kept this blog and my YouTube videos going for the past few months! Honestly, I didn't think I would make it past the middle of October, but I have been enjoying myself way to much and have made some friends via both sites.
  • My shopping habit is slowing down! I don't know what it was, but I was spending far too much on clothes, shoes and bags each month to the point where I was broke weeks before payday. I didn't buy anything last month, other than a few cheap beauty bits, but I've done pretty well!
  • I've been to see Wicked up in London, and it's made me want to go there more often to explore, as I only go to the same few places there, so I'd like to go up more to see other places.
  • I figured out how to do my eyeliner properly! It took many failed attempt, drawing on my eyeball and a lot of swearing, but I finally perfected it!!
It's not much of an update, but that is all I feel I need to share as of now! Anything in your lives you'd like to share?

Also, come check me out on these corners of the internet:

Have a great weekend and stay safe :)
Tania xxx

Wednesday 20 November 2013

November Playlist!

Hello everyone!

I've been listening to a lot of music this month, and after the announcement about McBusted, I've had a slight look back into my old CD's and songs and found some old gems! So thought I would create this little list off all the songs I am loving this month! Click any of the titles to get taken to a YouTube video of them, so you can check them out for yourself :)

We The Kings - Just Keep Breathing
One Direction - Story Of My Life
Britney Spears - Work Bitch
Wicked - Defying Gravity
Eminem - Survival
We The Kings - Stay Young
The Saturdays - Disco Love
The Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life
Morning Musume - Ren'ai Hunter
Eminem Ft. Rihanna - The Monster
Rent - La Vie Boheme
Little Mix - Move
Lady Gaga - Applause
Glee - Blurred Lines
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Like any of the songs? Let me know below, and have a great day and keep safe :)
Tania xxx

Friday 15 November 2013

The Sunshine Award

Hello everyone :)

So yesterday I was informed that I had been nominated for a Sunshine award by the wonderful Sophalou! This award is for bloggers who are: 'positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere'. I am so grateful that someone would nominate me for this when I've not been blogging for long. This is such a great award for those in the blogosphere and I am honored that someone would think I deserve this. Thank you Sophie!!

The rules are pretty easy to follow and here they are:
-Share 11 facts about yourself
-Answer the 11 set questions by your nomination blogger
-Nominate 11 bloggers
-Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer

Facts About Me
  1. My middle name is Michele with one 'L'
  2. I was born with a small brain tumor and my parents were told to abort me during my mother's pregnancy
  3. My parents divorce was finalize two days before Christmas last year (2012)
  4. I can speak a little Japanese, and am obsessed with the culture
  5. My favourite sport is Basketball. New York Knicks fan!!
  6. I drive a Ford KA 2008-2012 model
  7. I work at a supermarket here in the UK called Morrisons
  8. I finished school after 6th form, aged 18, and never went onto other education as I never enjoyed it!
  9. I have been engaged once upon a time, but I ended that relationship
  10. Cornwall and Florida are my favourite places ever.
  11. I am a massive Harry Potter fangirl
Sophie's Questions
Do you have any siblings? Yes! One little sister biologically and a sorta step-brother and step-sister!
What type of make up product is your favourite? Concealer
What made you start a blog? I like to write and this is a good way to get my views across
What is your favourite type of post other bloggers blog about? People who review things, so I can get honest views on products that I might want.
Which high-end brand would you recommend to a friend? I've only ever tried a YSL lipstick before as a high-end product. I liked it enough to recommend it, so probably that one!
Favourite nail colour? Red
Is there something about you which is unusual or makes you different? I don't think so!
What would your dream job be? I used to say actress, but now it would be something within the film industry but no idea what!
Bags, jewelry or shoes? Bags
Go to shoes? Pumps
Something you have got your eye on which you really want to treat yourself too? A set of Real Technique brushes as I have never owned them!

Questions for my Nomminees
  1. Are you still at school/college/university?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Favourite movie of all time?
  4. Reason you became a blogger?
  5. High-end or drugstore products?
  6. Do you own any awards?
  7. Craziest thing you have ever done?
  8. One thing you have always wanted that you don't yet possess?
  9. What books are you a huge fan of?
  10. Favourite make up product?
  11. A fact that not many people know about you? 

Don't forget to let your nominees you have nominated them!!
Tania xxx

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Things To Do By 2014

Hello everyone!

I've got so much I'd like to do and achieve before the New Year begins, so I thought I might share this with you, even though it might seem a little boring what a few of them are!

  1. Finish reading 'A Clash Of Kings' - book two in the Song of Ice and Fire series. I've been on this book for almost two months and only just over 200 pages into the 800+ plus pages. I keep leaving it at home when I go out, so have made very little progress with this.
  2. Finish sorting out my Marvel fact file folders. I am so behind on this, it is unreal.
  3. Reach 20 followers via GFC! If you like my blog, please follow me to help me reach this goal :)
  4. Re-tax my car. I've never had to do this before as I've not had my car for long, but this runs out next month and I CAN NOT forget to do this.
  5. Do at least three more beauty videos on my YouTube. I've done a couple, but I seem to focus more on hauls and clothes, so would like to do this before the new year!
  6. See my friends more. I'm so bad with this. Having different working schedules make this very hard, but this needs to happen.
  7. Finish my Christmas shopping. I was an early bird with this and started in September as I don't earn a lot of money to do it all in one go. I've got about four more things to get for people, so this will be achieved!
  8. Buy some better make up brushes!
  9. Make some more blogger friends. I've communicated with a couple of people here and there, but would love to make friends with more people here. I love this community and would like to be friends with more of you!
  10. Get into a better sleeping pattern. I can go to bed anytime between midnight and 3am and still wake up at 8am regardless and feel horrible. I have insomnia so falling asleep is hard for me most nights, but I need to get myself into a sleeping pattern and quickly.
  11. Buy the Urban Decay Naked palette that I've had my eyes on for months. Need.
  12. Save my money. Considering I don't earn a huge amount of money each month and I have a car to run, I am so bad at saving up for things. I need to pay my dad back a ridiculous amount of money and I need to pay off other things too. It's rare I make it to payday with more than £10 to my name.
  13. Clean out my clothes, shoes and bags. I've got an excessive amount of each and need a good clear-out. I've changed a lot since June, so this is a need.
  14. Clean my room out properly, regardless that I have done bits here and there, but it is still so cluttered and I'd like to show more of my room in my YouTube videos.
  15. Hit 150 subscribers on YouTube ~ my channel
  16. Hit 140 twitter followers ~ my twitter
  17. Have a hair cut
  18. Buy some new bed sheets. Mine are finally starting to wear out and it's annoying
  19. Try and get more shifts at work. NEED, NEED, NEED
  20. See the Doctor AGAIN, about whatever this thing on my arm is. He still doesn't know.
  21. Re-watch the Potter films
  22. Learn some more Japanese. I was doing well and had learnt a handful of words, but just stopped all of a sudden and need to pick this up again.
  23. Sort out my calendars and diaries for next year. Carry the diary with me all the time from now on so that I can begin making plans for things.
  24. Collab with people on YouTube. This might not necessarily be for this side of 2014, but I'd like to start this!
  25. Spend more time with the family. Living with Dad you'd think I see him a lot, but it's rare we're in the same room for long as we're doing our own things! Mum lives not 10 minutes away so need to try and get there more.
Well there is my list for now. It was a little longer than I expected and I remembered bits as I was writing this! Are there any things you would like to do before the new year hits in a matter of weeks? Hopefully I can achieve some of these before then! Hope you all have a great Wednesday and stay safe :)

Tania xxx

Monday 11 November 2013

Halloween Nails

Hello everyone :)

As I completely forgot to post this at the end of October, this is now a little late but I am posting this now! I'd been looking for a touch of Halloween inspiration for a girlie get together my friend Nicola was hosting, and as I was costume-less, nails would have to do! I searched all of google, YouTube and various blogs to find ideas, plus a customer I served at work had something similar to this, and then this is what I came up with!

Rimmel, Miss Sporty, Poundland, 17, Rimmel
I had a lot of fun trying to get these right and experimenting with designs which I've never done before. If you know me well enough, I'm usually the person to stick to just one colour on my nails and never with designs or something different on each nail. I just like to have an overall polished look!

Ebay, pack of 5
But these designs are something I am quite proud with considering this was my first attempt to ever do these. My fave ones are the spooky eyes! The products used: Rimmel 265 Pop!, Miss Sporty Pure Shine, Poundland Allura Manicure, 17 Noir, Rimmel 310 Red Carpet, and the help of a nail art tool from Ebay for the stitch marks.

How do you think I've done for my first go at nail art design? And did any of you try something like this for Halloween? Have a great Monday, and stay safe :)
Tania xxx

Friday 8 November 2013

Inside My Jewelry Box

Hello everyone!

I thought I was give you a little look inside my jewelry box! Some of the items are cheaper fashion jewelry, and others are a little bit more expensive! I don't wear all of these too often, but these are just a selection of my favorites :)

Firstly here is my jewelry box! I got this from Argos as a Christmas present a few years ago. I believe it was £25 after it had been reduced from £50! It's the same colour as my bedroom so quite pleased with it! I has three large drawers on the bottom, two drawers with 4 compartments each and a lift up top with smaller sections and a large mirror inside the lid. I've recently cleared this out and reorganized it due to getting rid of broken pieces or ones I no longer wanted, so this is everything I own!

I love to wear necklaces more than any other accessories, so I seem to have accumulated dozens over the years, but these are my faves out of them all. One that I seem to keep wearing is this handmade License Plate necklace off of the show Supernatural. I bought this from Etsy and absolutely love this. It is the original license plate off of the 'Metallicar' aka the Impala that the Winchesters drive around in! I'm a huge fan of the show, so when I saw this I just had to have it. I think it was about £8 which was reasonable for it.

Another one is an I heart Boys necklace from a magazine! I've had this for ages, and considering it is from a magazine as a freebie, it's never broken and the chain hasn't turned my neck green! I've worn this quite a lot over the past year or so as it's a little quirkier than a my usual necklaces, just like the license plate one.

Next is the Princess necklace. I bought this while in Cornwall off of a stand of these. They have these in people's names but as my name never appears on anything, I thought I would have this one as it looked nicer than the 'Beautiful' necklace. So vain I know :)

This purple one from New Look, isn't one I can wear often, as you need a low cut top or dress to wear this as it hangs down quite low. I've worn this a couple of times and found it is a little heavy as there are so many jewels on it! I'd like to wear it a lot more as I think it is really pretty. It was £12 so I really need to use it more.

The Hawaiian Surfboard necklace is my go-to item when I am on holiday in Cornwall. I bought it there one year, and wore it for the whole two weeks. It's not broken yet, but the rope thread for it is beginning to thin out slightly This was from a market stall for about £2.50 so has lasted for quite sometime!

Next is a birthday present from my friend Billy! We're both Potterheads so he found the perfect gift for me! This beautiful replica of Hermione's Time Turner necklace has been worn a few times, mainly when going to the Potter Studio Tour! I'm so scared about it breaking, that I've not worn it too much as it is really fragile.

Next is this wonderful two piece set I bought, (as separate items) from Primark two years ago. I bought the necklace first for about £4 as I loved the design and colour of it, and a few weeks later I found the ring. I looks a lot like Kate Middleton's engagement ring, so I adore this little set. Sadly as it is such a cheap price, both items are slightly fading from their golden sheen and making my neck go green, so I can't wear them for long anymore.

A set of rings that I've picked up over time are these three! The black rectangle ring is from Claire's accessories and was £2. The plastic gem is loose inside the ring holdings, so I've not worn it much, but I love this with an LBD.
The middle ring is from a Cornwall souvenir shop in their fashion jewelry section. It was only £1, but I've worn this on so many occasions as it really stands out!
Lastly on the right is a cream flower ring I received for my birthday. A few petals have fallen off, but Dad managed to salvage it for me, so I have worn it a couple of times. I don't have many outfits that it matches so haven't worn it as much as I would have liked.

These square cut bangles are my all time fave accessories. These were £3 each from another market stall in Cornwall. Realized where I buy most of my accessories? I wear a lot of black and red outfits, so these have been great for the past seven years! The inside of these are fading a little now from over use, but I don't see me not using them for a very long time.

The next items are these silver and red glittery bangles which are my Christmas go-to accessories. I always wear either black or white for Christmas events and then accessorize with red items. I've had them for about three years so the glitter is beginning to fall off now! These are from George @ Asda. I've got a black and white dress to wear this Christmas, so will be wearing these again as usual!

Last up are my Christmas earrings which I will be wearing up at work again soon! Come December, we are allowed to wear Christmas items as longs as they don't interfere with work, so I've worn these two pairs for both my Christmases at work. I prefer the presents over the wreaths, as the wreaths have bells inside which get annoying on an 8 hour shift! I got these from my local Pharmacy actually for £2 each so I am quite pleased with them!

Well everyone, that is all I have for you today! Sorry that was so incredibly long! I didn't realize I had so much to say. If you like any of the items, let me know below :) Hope you all have a great weekend and keep safe :)
Tania xxx

Saturday 2 November 2013

My Life ~ The Online Dating Mistake | Part 3

Hello Everyone!

It's time for part three of the bad dating saga; aka my life. As I said before, I'm not mentioning names unless I know the people mentioned are okay with it, so to save some people's identities, they are marked with a * and the name is fake :)

Click the links for >Part 1< and >Part 2<

Episode Three - Online Guy Becomes Weird

The last pat of this little tale is far shorter than part two I promise! I had met up with him on the Thursday, and my step-brother was getting married on the Saturday, so I had spend all day Friday texting Chris* and then told him that as I was at the wedding, I wouldn't have my phone all Saturday so would text him Sunday. He thought that was fine and that was it for the week.

Wedding day rolls around, I go and have a great time and he doesn't text at all like I had expected due to what I told him about not texting and the day was great. I go home and realize I have misplaced my phone. Which I later find the following morning.

Sunday morning arrived and I then see family with my dad, and then go and see my mum. While having dinner, Chris phoned me four times and sent six text messages asking why I was ignoring him. Mum, who sees my phone, then questions me about this and who it is calling/texting etc. Long story short, after I told mum, she wasn't exactly happy so I got into trouble. Oops. Not the first time this has happened... I was 11 last time so I don't think she's quite forgotten that incident!

Monday arrives and I've not replied to him as I feel a bit 'stuck' from all the sudden calls and text, plus Mum being 'furious' with me over it, it was safer to just not talk to him for a day or two. Honestly, he was too damn full on for my liking anyway.

I then messaged him on facebook explaining about my mum finding out and that I can't communicate with him while at my mum's as she wasn't all that pleased with me meeting up with a stranger. The next five days, he called four times, sent me so many texts, facebook messages and snapchats that I lost count. I felt like he was a bloody stalker all of a sudden. Come Friday, the week after the wedding, I've just decided to ignore him and stop contact now as I felt like he was crushing me with messages.

I had explained to him that I didn't want a relationship, so I was in no way leading him on. So why was he still messaging me???


It's been six weeks since I last saw him, and I am still getting at least three snapchats a week of random crap, he's text me twice and thankfully no more phone calls. He seemed so nice when I met him, and all because I go two days without talking to him, he seemed to turn flipping crazy. As I write this, he just sent another snapchat of his 'new socks'. ~Sighs~ Seriously, I am nothing special dude, so STOP THIS MADNESS.

So that is as far as this update on my terrible and accidental dating scenario went. I don't think dating online is in anyway a good idea for me. So until next time, I leave you with this three part story to hopefully make you laugh and bring a smile to your faces at my expense! Hope you enjoyed this bad idea of mine, and anything similar, let me know in the comments!

Until next time, keep safe and have a great weekend :)
Tania xxx