Saturday 2 November 2013

My Life ~ The Online Dating Mistake | Part 3

Hello Everyone!

It's time for part three of the bad dating saga; aka my life. As I said before, I'm not mentioning names unless I know the people mentioned are okay with it, so to save some people's identities, they are marked with a * and the name is fake :)

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Episode Three - Online Guy Becomes Weird

The last pat of this little tale is far shorter than part two I promise! I had met up with him on the Thursday, and my step-brother was getting married on the Saturday, so I had spend all day Friday texting Chris* and then told him that as I was at the wedding, I wouldn't have my phone all Saturday so would text him Sunday. He thought that was fine and that was it for the week.

Wedding day rolls around, I go and have a great time and he doesn't text at all like I had expected due to what I told him about not texting and the day was great. I go home and realize I have misplaced my phone. Which I later find the following morning.

Sunday morning arrived and I then see family with my dad, and then go and see my mum. While having dinner, Chris phoned me four times and sent six text messages asking why I was ignoring him. Mum, who sees my phone, then questions me about this and who it is calling/texting etc. Long story short, after I told mum, she wasn't exactly happy so I got into trouble. Oops. Not the first time this has happened... I was 11 last time so I don't think she's quite forgotten that incident!

Monday arrives and I've not replied to him as I feel a bit 'stuck' from all the sudden calls and text, plus Mum being 'furious' with me over it, it was safer to just not talk to him for a day or two. Honestly, he was too damn full on for my liking anyway.

I then messaged him on facebook explaining about my mum finding out and that I can't communicate with him while at my mum's as she wasn't all that pleased with me meeting up with a stranger. The next five days, he called four times, sent me so many texts, facebook messages and snapchats that I lost count. I felt like he was a bloody stalker all of a sudden. Come Friday, the week after the wedding, I've just decided to ignore him and stop contact now as I felt like he was crushing me with messages.

I had explained to him that I didn't want a relationship, so I was in no way leading him on. So why was he still messaging me???


It's been six weeks since I last saw him, and I am still getting at least three snapchats a week of random crap, he's text me twice and thankfully no more phone calls. He seemed so nice when I met him, and all because I go two days without talking to him, he seemed to turn flipping crazy. As I write this, he just sent another snapchat of his 'new socks'. ~Sighs~ Seriously, I am nothing special dude, so STOP THIS MADNESS.

So that is as far as this update on my terrible and accidental dating scenario went. I don't think dating online is in anyway a good idea for me. So until next time, I leave you with this three part story to hopefully make you laugh and bring a smile to your faces at my expense! Hope you enjoyed this bad idea of mine, and anything similar, let me know in the comments!

Until next time, keep safe and have a great weekend :)
Tania xxx


  1. Lol that is hilarious, I actually laughed out loud about the socks snapchat. I do feel for you, I've definitely had my share of stalker weirdos too, the thing is as soon as you lose interest it makes them about fifty million times more eager, I think whoever came up with 'treat em mean keep em keen' was onto something- being plain uninterested for some reason makes you irresistable haha. It's difficult because some people actually come across alright in the beginning before you find out theyre a total div/ weirdo and by then its too late! x

  2. Oh dear hahaha, he does sound pretty weird. Joannaloves


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