Saturday 30 November 2013

Style Up - Aztec Pencil Skirt

Hello everyone!

Top £10 Select | Skirt £6 Select | Shoes £6 Primark
This little outfit is something I put together randomly one day and WOW. I adore this look and am mystified as to how I avoided the peplum look for so long. I never thought it would flatter my figure, but I was very wrong! The shoes are from Primark at £6 and I love them as I can actually walk in them! The skirt is now on sale at £6 (I bought it for £8) and the top is £10, both from Select! The skirt is a lovely length too, so I don't feel like I am showing too much leg off!

Click HERE for the top, and HERE for the skirt! No link for the shoes as Primark doesn't have an online store :(

As for why I look so serious in that selfie up there, I've no idea! If you like the outfit, let me know in the comments! Have a great day and keep safe!
Tania xxx

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