Friday 20 September 2013

21 Year Old Here!

Hey guys, time for an update don't you think?

I've not blogged for a while, so there are probably a plethora of things to let you know about! I'll bullet point them for you, it will make it so much easier on myself and probably for your sanity when reading.
  • I am no longer engaged, as I broke up with the guy in question
  • My step-brother got married and I went to the wedding. It was such a lovely day and I was happy to be part of the bride and groom's day.
  • I went on a date with someone that I met online, and it was a good date. I won't be seeing him again for a few reasons, but he wasn't a murderer as all my friends suggested when I said he was from online!
  • I turned 21 years old in September! 
  • I went clubbing for the first time, and enjoyed it! My anxiety & minor claustrophobia normally stops me from saying yes to these sort of things, but I powered through it and went. Glad I did, as I had so much fun with my friends.
  • I also drank so much damn alcohol that night, that I got drunk drunk for the first time, yet no hangover the next morning. Pow.
  • I've started making YouTube videos once a week now, and enjoying myself with the videos.
  • I am driving a lot more now and building my confidence up a bit more with it, so hopefully I can start going further than my town soon!
  • Programmes I have recently been watching: Game of Thrones, Whose Line Is It Anyway
  • Book I'm reading: A Song of Ice and Fire ~ A Clash of Kings
  • Films I've seen at the cinema: Despicable Me 2, Iron Man 3
So I think that is all the updates in my life that I can think of now, but I shall try and blog again sometime in the next week to keep you all interested! I PROMISE TO BLOG MORE OFTEN.

Here are my latest three videos!

Keep Smiling,
Tania x