About Me

Welcome to my blog, and thank you for stopping by!

I'm a thirty-something Virgo hailing from the picturesque South of England. With a passion for all things Harry Potter, Supernatural, Marvel, NCIS, and #OneChicago, my interests span far and wide - I won't bore you with the exhaustive list here!

Beyond my hobbies, I have a profound love for writing, beauty, geek culture, and all things lifestyle-related. On my blog, I enjoy sharing product reviews and snippets from my own life adventures.

When I'm not immersed in the world of blogging, you can find me over at my business website, www.pryerassistants.com, where I operate as a Virtual Assistant, offering my services to businesses seeking support in social media, email management, and more.


  1. When did you start your blog?
    • I started around October 2013 - my first proper post was this!
  2. What is your YouTube schedule?
    1. I upload at least once a month - the time and date vary depending on my work commitments
  3. When did you start your virtual assistant business?
    • I started in July 2022

Any questions, please message me at taniaxkoi@gmail.com or on Twitter, and I will try and get back to you!


  1. Great about me :)


    KT xo.

  2. Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney - ummm YES! 3 of my favourite things too!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

  3. Nice to meet you Tania! You're blog is adorable. Super excited to connect with you!! I've been looking into getting a nice camera. Do you recommend the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX60?


    1. Thank you so much :) I think it's an awesome camera for both pictures and filming - plus it's super easy to use :) Definitely recommend it :) xx


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