Tuesday 29 October 2013

Beauty Buys - Fragrance Direct

Hello all!

I was reading some beauty blogs the other day, and one person mentioned this wonderful site named Fragrance Direct where there are thousands of beauty products for really cheap prices. Not wanting to believe it until I looked myself I had a browse on the site. Oh the wonders I discovered. Minus £18 later, I had a few bits and pieces arriving in a few days along with some ebay purchases.

Friday rolled around and I was greeted by the Postman with a big package - no innuendo intended. The large box was my Fragrance Direct things, and the two smaller packages are additional bits from ebay. Opening them all up, it felt a little bit like an early Christmas for me, as I rarely buy beauty bits all year as I get lots as presents through the year. I immediately loved all the nail polishes and the little quad eye shadows caught my eye. Of course I documented the whole thing for my blog.

First I had a good look at all the polishes as I normally only seem to buy red ones, so this was nice to have different colours! My favourite so far has to be the Caramel Cupcake one, as it is so close to my skin tone that I can wear it to work, and have yet to be caught! All from the Rimmel 60 Second range, which is my all time fave brand for my nails, and they only cost 99p. Up at work, they are about £2 each, so quite the bargain. Colours, left to right: 650 - Magnetise / 850 - Aye Aye Sailor / 620 - How Do You Lilac It? / 500 - Caramel Cupcake / 805 - Grey Matter. I loved the prices of these so much that I've ordered another few in other colours available on the site.

Another polish I discovered for another 99p, was NYC Quick Dry nail polish. I've never heard of this brand before so thought I would give it a try with 266 Battery Park Purple. I LOVE this colour. It's very gothic glam, so I will be wearing this for Halloween this week. I might have to get more from this brand, as I love how dark it is, but it stands out so well against my slightly pale skin!

Alongside this NYC product, I wanted to see what else they had on offer, and came across these NYC Quartet Eye Shadow pallettes. Oh my goodness these are perfect. They are tiny enough to fit into any handbags as they are no bigger than the palms of my hands. The reason for buying these two was that they tell you where to apply each colour on your eye to create a smoky eye effect. If you've been with my blog and videos for a while, you'll know I am useless at makeup application, and had no idea how to do such a look on myself. These tiny little pallettes have worked wonders for me and they made my eyes look pretty good! I bought them in a nude and purple colour, as I wanted a day time and a night time look. The nude shade is called 815A The Best Of Broadway, and the purple one is called 792 Hot Couture. For 99p, you cannot go wrong with these, so much so, that I might have purchases the other colours available on the site. Oops.

The other two things I bought from the site are these little pocket nail files which are handy for me to take to work with me. I am forever snapping and chipping my nails on the tills and products at work, so these are just the right size to have in my pocket to take onto the till with me, instead of my huge nail file which is a bit big! For only 75p, I will probably end up buying more of these once I have used up all of the ones I now own, as these are perfect for me. 

The last item I found was my all time favourite perfume. As it is called Playboy Play It Rock. I decided to see if they had this for a cheaper price that the drugstores and supermarkets as it usual retails in at about £13. I happily pay that price for this as I love the scent of it. However this wonderful site had it like I had hoped. I managed to snag this for £5.99! Bargain! The bottle I currently have is almost empty, so this find came at the perfect moment so I just had to buy it. I've tried many perfumes over the years, and being an asthmatic, some scents are so strong I can't wear them at all, but this one gives off a nice smell and isn't so strong that I suffocate. 

My final two purchases are from ebay, as I had seen these on beauty blogs a lot and after buying all these new polishes, I decided I had to get them.  First I found some of these acrylic nail wheels for me to test out colours and nail art on. How had I not bought some of these earlier I don't know, as these are quite handy for me to show my mum what colours I have when she wants to borrow them! I've used one up already from playing about with colours and designs, so it is quite the mess! They cost £2.75 for 10 wheels which wasn't too bad compared to other prices.

The other thing from ebay are these beautiful purple marble nail art pens. These are the most common ones that you can find, and for 99p you can't complain about it. There are some blue versions as well for about £2, but my favourite colour is purple, so had to get them! Already tested them out on the nail wheel and they work great, though I need a little more practice with them before I try them out on myself for designs!

So there are all my recent beauty purchases for this week! Hopefully the other bits and pieces I ordered will be here by the weekend so I might have another post up soon for you all! If you haven't already, go and check out the Fragrance Direct website as it has saved me so much money this month already. P&P charges are reasonable too.

Hope you liked this post and leave any comments about the products below if you like them. Keep safe everyone and have a great week :)
Tania xxx


  1. I see you got your goodies! Sorry for the encouragement haha, seriously is a great site though and glad you're happy with it :)


    Sophie xx

    1. It was good encouragement, I promise!! I love this site, so I bought a load more which should arrive tomorrow hopefully and I am beyond excited! Thank you sooooo much for linking it the other day :) xx

    2. It gets addictive trust me! Xx


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