Thursday 3 October 2013

Tania Watches Downton

Okay, I am actually going to start blogging properly and with some seriousness from now on. Going to actually give it a whirl as there is such as thin as a blogging community that sounds hella awesome, and I want in! So here it goes. I'M GONNA BE A BLOGGER!

For those of you that don’t know, I am quite the fan of Downton Abbey. I joined mid-way through season two and have been hooked ever since. Sunday night (Sept 22nd) was the premier of season four, set six months after the death of Matthew Crawley, Lady Mary’s husband, and he is also the father of his and Mary’s baby that was born at the end of the 2012 Christmas special. I am so happy it is back!
So to let myself come up with a blog post and to watch the program, I made a little running commentary as I watched!

WARNING: Below is a running commentary sorta-thing for the first episode of the season, so don’t read on unless you want it to be spoiled!

·         Oh Lady Mary looks so sad. Mourning period still in full swing I see.
·         Good lord, O’Brien has left! I loved her! She was quite the sassy bitch out of all the staff. Oh and all the bloody worker gossips spreading the news! I had no idea she wasn’t going to be in this season.
·         Mr Carson is my spirit animal.
·         TOM BRANSON! Having dinner with the bigwigs. I hope we see baby Sybill soon. Branson was always one of the characters that I loved and so glad he’s moved up a level in the Downton Abbey hierarchy.
·         Oh Mary’s baby is called George just like the new Royal Prince!
·         She called him an orphan baby :o BUT YOU ARE STILL ALIVE MARY.
·         Dowager countess Violet Grantham. Sorry Carson, this woman is more of my spirit animal than you are.
·         Thomas and Nanny West, dynamic there and he is just as rude as usual.
·         That newspaper is bloody massive Jimmy.
·         Glad to see Branson and Lord Grantham getting along at long last! *fistpump*
·         Isobel Crawley. Lost her only child and oh goodness her speech about not being a mother anymore… breaking my heart!
·         Naughty Mrs Hughes for snooping!
·         Oh it’s the girl from Twilight who played Tanya, and she is back and fully trained as a Ladies Maid, named Edna! Oh wait, I remember her now from a previous season…
·         What makes me think that the anonymous letters that Anna and Bates received were not from each other as they expected?
·         Okay Mary, I know the love of your life is dead, but please try and smile.
·         Who is this mysterious man that has been writing to Carson…? Oh his old ShowTime buddy.
·         Lady Edith needs to get married this season, BUT I am not a fan of the guy that likes her
·         It’s so well done how they’ve showed the differences in the relationships that Branson and his daughter have, and the one between Mary and her son
·         Mrs Hughes’ hair reminds me of a pie crust
·         Branson and Mary bonding scene! Branson needs to be the one to pull her from her funk…
·         Branson is my third spirit animal of this show. He’s just wonderful and Irish and gush.
·         Lots of eggs in the kitchen. Me being me, wants to know if the props are made of wood or plastic
·         Nanny West looks set to kill Mr Barrow! Game on?
·         Mr Carson, save Mary please, please, please.
·         The look of pure horror on Lady Grantham’s face when Barrow approaches her about the children
·         Ah no! Mary said no to Carson, HOWEVER, she had some feistiness there that she seems to have lost from previous seasons
·         I think Mary has finally snapped. Oh sheez she left the room pretty quickly
·         A touching moment there between Mary and Violet >> ‘You must choose either death or life’ Urgh, feels.
·         Oh good lord now Jimmy’s gone and got Ivy drunk trying to make the other guy jealous
·         BUTLER OFF – Just like Bride Wars but Butler style!
·         I think Mrs Crawley is coming out of her funk! Yippee!
·         Very forward with the kiss there Edith! I do not ship this relationship
·         I can’t quite pinpoint where the new maid, Edna came from in the previous seasons
·         OH HOT DAMN THE NANNY IS A BITCH. Calling little Sybil a filthy halfbreed (I did think of Harry Potter at this part)
·         Mary apologized and Carson finally managed to crack her! Yay!
·         Mary is wearing a colour! Is the mourning period over at last! 

Well there we have it. Not really interesting, but it is a blog post of sorts and related to a programme I am adoring. Hope you all are watching it! 
So until next time readers, I will blog again soon

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