Tuesday 4 November 2014

My Makeup Storage! | Part One

Hello everyone!

I have so much makeup compared to this time last year, that I had to buy some form of storage for it all. I purchased some metal desk tidies from The Range back at Easter and shoved all my things into it! Now that I've had a clear out and taken some pictures of the contents, I thought I would share it with you!

I currently have a small 3 drawer tidy and a mental 'pen' holder, all of which are usually used for office supplies, but they've served me just as well for my makeup storing purposes. I also have a drawer in my desk for some products as well, but I shall save that for another post!

Shall we get started?

To start we have the pen tidy. This houses my makeup brushes, mascaras, hair bands and hair pins, concealers, eyeliners and a few other things!

On the left are my eyelineers, a correction pen, lip brush and my Collection concealer. On the right are my eye makeup brushes, along with an EcoTools foundation sponge brush. 

On the left we have my daily brushes. These are the four that I use all the time everyday! One the right is a spare concealer, a spot wand and some small Urban Decay eyeliners. Here are some eye makeup brushes that are brand new and yet to be used!

In the left are my hair slides, pins and elastics, along with a blemish stick. On the right are my five fave mascaras that I alternate each day.

Onto the next tidy! This is a three drawer tidy and the pen tidy sits on top of this on my desk. These drawers are the perfect size for foundations and powders!

Top drawer are my foundations, powders and a lone bronzer

Middle drawer are all my eye shadows that I used frequently, plus two shadow sticks that I've so far only swatched! The CK shadow in the bottom left corner, is my all time fave!

Bottom drawer holds a spare powder, bronzer and foundation, along with a colour palette that my friend Jackie bought me for my birthday!

So that's it for the first section of my storage, so look out for part 2 soon! How do you store your products, and what do you think about using stationary tidies for this instead? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


  1. love these little organisers so much they're perfect for makeup! I keep most of mine in an Ikea Helmer drawer filing thing but I'm slowly downsizing. I'll definitely keep an eye out for these, I'm also after stationery storage for my new desk too and something like this would be ideal. I wonder if they have them in white? x

    1. They don't take up too much space, and you can't see messy fingerprints like I've noticed with those Muji drawers! I've not seen these in white, but they had black a few months back as well :) xx

  2. I never thought of using a desk tidy to store my make-up! great idea :D
    Bea x
    As Seen By Bea

    1. It was originally a temporary thing until I bought the Muji ones, but they turned out to be so good that I've carried on using them! xx

  3. This is such a great idea. I never would have thought to use office organizers! I've been wanting to get something like this to organize all my makeup but I worry about getting hairspray on everything. I guess I could always just cover them with a towel when I'm doing my hair.

    1. It was one of my smarter ideas! I tend to use all my hair products in another room, so thankfully that isn't something I have to worry about :) It's definitely a cheaper alternative :) xx


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