Wednesday 6 April 2016

50 Facts About Me

One type of blog I love reading about is 'facts about me' posts - I love getting to know you bloggers!! I've seen a dozen people do this over the past few weeks and wanted to add my own in! One of the fave posts of this I read was on Xtina G Says and it was Christina's post that inspired me to do my own. So here are the facts about me!

  1. I've had this blog since early 2010, but didn't really use it as a blog until October 2013!
  2. I was born September 10th
  3. I work as a cashier at a supermarket, as well as on the deli counter
  4. I am obsessed with Harry Potter
  5. And Game of Thrones
  6. And Marvel
  7. I'm 5ft 5inches tall
  8. I really enjoy the Super Bowl!
  9. 90's music heals my soul
  10. Supernatural is one of my all time fave TV shows
  11. I currently love Yours Clothing & Primark for my clothes shops
  12. Rimmel is the brand I've used for the longest
  13. Cornwall and Florida are my fave places on the planet
  14. I've met the girls from the HillyWood Show
  15. I've done cosplay two times 
  16. I've gone to 2 Comic Con's and I LOVED THEM!!!
  17. I very rarely drink. Maybe 2-3 drinks a year (if that)
  18. My best friend is one of my ex's sister
  19. I currently own 28 Pop Figures
  20. It took me 50 weeks to learn to drive
  21. I passed on my 3rd test!
  22. My parents are divorced
  23. Due to the above, I know have an older step-brother and step-sister (along with a sister-in-law and nephew!)
  24. Assassins Creed: Syndicate is one of my fave games
  25. Eldevin is my fave MMORPG 
  26. I love playing Warhammer
  27. I am deathly allergic to nuts - one time I was 10-15 away from dying before we realised what was wrong!
  28. I have a rotator cuff injury in my shoulder which limits my right arm movements and when it flares up, I can't grip things properly with my hand
  29. My sister is one of my best friends and has been since childhood
  30. My car has a name: Betty
  31. Caesar salad is one of my all time fave foods
  32. Zumba and Pilates are the only workouts I enjoy
  33. I've worked at my job for just shy of 5 years
  34. Until 2015, I'd never seen a Batman movie
  35. I own over 350 beauty items
  36. I'm obsessed with twitter
  37. I have a dent in my left knee from chickenpox scarring
  38. Captain America is my fave superhero
  39. I'm a Gryffindor
  40. And a Targaryen  
  41. Chris Evans (Capt America) is my celeb crush
  42. I've only been wearing makeup since I was 17
  43. One of my fave book series is called Vampire Beach
  44. The Losers & Ocean's Eleven are my top two fave movies that aren't Harry Potter
  45. I can speak some French and a little Japanese
  46. I swear like a trooper...
  47. I was born with a HUGE birthmark on my forehead which has faded over the years but my makeup obscures it
  48. I am obsessed with buying shoes
  49. I start buying Christmas presents about April/May time - so I can spread the costs as I'm broke!
  50. I found it sooo hard to think of 50 facts about me!!

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you've done a post similar to this! What are 5 things about you that I don't know? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I love this! I always like find out new things about other bloggers. Your birthday is 3 days before mine! :D 5 things about me;
    1. I am terrified of moths and butterflies.
    2. I don't drink. A total teetotal over here.
    3. I sing all the time, although I'm really bad at it.
    4. I really, really like Coronation Street xD
    5. I am very clumsy. If there's something to walk into, I'll walk into it. A hole to fall into? I'll fall into it. Haha.
    x x

    1. Oh wow, we're the same month!!!
      I can totally relate to 2, 3 & 5 from your list Aimee :) Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. I just posted a 30 facts about me yesterday! What a coincidence!
    I loved reading yours and there were some things I wish I had included in mine- guess I'll do an updated version later :p

    1. I noticed you had when I was browsing earlier!! I loved your list as you had some thing I'd forgot myself! xx

  3. It was lovely knowing about you.. I am a GOT fan as well and a beauty hoarder too haha

    I have tried a few products from them and they seemed nice I am sure this is great as well

    The Chicster Diaries xx

    1. GOT is amazing isn't it! Excited for it's return this month? :) I love too many products!! xx

  4. I also love Florida and Cornwall AND THE HILLYWOOD GIRLS. They do so many amazing parodies. The Vampire Diaries ones are EPIC. SHOW ME YOUR TEETH.

    Corinne x

    1. Florida is on my 'go-to' list for next year!! The Hillywood girls are doing their Sherlock parody right now, and I cannot wait!! xx

  5. Omg hun absolutely loved your blog post, so many similar loves, likes to you it's awesome 😍 I'm so jel you have been to comic con, I would love to go dressed as my all time fave character thee miss Harley Quinn omg I'm obsessed with her haha. Brilliant blog post anyways
    Lisa XoX

    1. Thank you Lisa!! We're quite alike then ;) I was Harley Quinn in October and I had soooo much fun! xx

  6. Great post :-)
    I'll be posting one of these in the next couple of weeks! It's a great way to get to know each other
    Maxine xx

    1. Ooh link me to it when you do it! I love reading one from other bloggers! xx

  7. I love reading facts about other bloggers. I speak Japanese as well. I feel happy when I find similarities with others.:) thanks for sharing.

    1. I love these too, I feel I can connect with people better! xx

  8. Zumba is so much fun but it totally kicks my ass!

    S .x

    1. Zumba kicks my ass too, but I totally love it!! xx

  9. Thanks so much for the little mention! I love these posts too. Yours was deffo one of my faves to read! Excuse the massive amount of comments you're about to read:

    a) Omg, I love pretty much all of the same shows/films as you (especially GoT as I'm sure you're aware of by now)

    b) I'M SO BLOODY JEALOUS YOU'VE BEEN TO COMIC CON. None of my 'real life' pals are into stuff like that and I've always been desperate to go :'(

    c) My car also had a name before I had to return it to the garage, it was called Alfie.

    d) Woop for Gryffindor's (and Targaryen's too.. even though I'm house Stark, haha!).

    Xtina G Says..

    1. I loved your post so had to mention it!!
      a - We are forever bonded with our GOT love and customer service hatred
      b - One day you will go to one!! Or I will kidnap you to experience the EPICNESS of one!!
      c - Alfie is a lovely name for a car
      d - Targaryen's are the best and Stark's are second!! xx

  10. I love this post! I love learning things about the bloggers behind the blogs. We have quite a few things in common too. Here's my 5 things about me.

    1 ~ I also have a problem with my shoulder. I have tendonitis and when it flares up it's horrendous. I've had scans and steroid injections and nothing seems to work.
    2 ~ I used to own African Land Snails as pets. They were pretty cool. People used to freak out at them.
    3 ~ I spend a lot of time reading Harry Potter fanfiction.
    4 ~ Final Fantasy X is my favourite video game.
    5 ~ I have 48 mini and 3 medium Disney Tsum Tsums x

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds

    1. I loved these posts from other bloggers! It's a great way to share! :)
      I've been offered an injection with my shoulder issue but I'm too scared to have it done...
      I love that you had pet snails - my cousin did as well as they got MASSIVE! I so need to invest in some Tsum Tsums! xx

  11. Aww, you took three tries to get your license! That must have been miserable and stressful. I'm sorry! Ah, I have step-siblings so I get you on that level. Hmmm, I love me some super heroes so I'm all about Marvel and DC! :)

    S .x

    1. I still don't know why I failed the first test as she refused to tell me, the second time I know why as I really fucked up and the third time was the same as the first route and he passed me! Was a long 2 months!
      Marvel and DC are the best, but I'm more Marvel! :) xx

  12. I can relate to number 7 and 10.
    1.I'm a klutz
    2.I'm left handed
    3.My favorite makeup brands are revlon and rimmel
    4.I'm allergic to cats and the outside world(which really sucks)
    5.I am obsessed with Disney

    1. Glad you could relate! I'm slightly allergic to cats as well, so I know that can be annoying! I wish I was more obsessed with Disney as I've missed so many films! xx

  13. This is awesome and a really fun post! I'm also super obsessed with Harry Potter, Marvel and especially Chris Evans :) I'll be looking out for more posts from you in the future!

    Melissa |

    1. Ooh another Evan's fan!! Glad you enjoyed the post and hope you like future blog content! xx


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