Friday 12 October 2018

Products I'm Currently Loving

I love nothing more than a good purchase! I'm a bit of a spendaholic, and though I try to rein it in a bit, I always fail and just think 'one more thing won't hurt the bank account' - I'm always wrong FYI!

However, now and then I'll find something to buy, or am gifted, which I end up loving for a variety of reasons. Here are a few products that have been a blessing this year! Each item title is linked to the product, so you can go view it for yourselves.

Computer Glass
I've worn these for use on my laptop, longtime use of my phone, and even at work. I have the ones with no magnify, as I don't need glasses for my sight. These help eliminate the blue light from devices, which are a nasty trigger for my Hemiplegic Migraines, by using a yellow tinted lens. I've also been wearing them at work, as we have no windows at the deli, so it's all artificial light which really hurts my eyes/head too. These have been a blessing, so I wear them frequently!

Identify Theft Roller Stamp
This stamp is something I kept seeing on Facebook ads, and eventually caved in and looked it up on Amazon. It's been a super handy item to own with all the deliveries I keep getting! You simple roll the stamp over the name/address/barcode on any post you get and you cannot see through it. It hides it all perfectly, and you can't see it on the reverse side either, as it penetrates through, making it totally safe. It's saved me stockpiling things up for the shredder so often, and can easily just be stamped and thrown into the bin.

Lenovo Tablet 10
I bought this back in May, and it was a fab decision! I can use this all around, and not have to lug my laptop up and down the stairs. I use this for games, emails, blogging, and to browse when I'm in bed. I bought mine from Argos, but it's currently cheaper over on Amazon. This is only a 16GB tablet, and I wish I had a bigger memory for some apps, but this has linked up to my One Drive nicely, so I can flick between documents on this and my laptop with ease.

Purchased this back during that immense heatwave we had here in the UK. Heat, oh how I miss thee... This was a spur of the moment purchase one night, after having enough of moving my desk fan from there and to my bed each night so I could keep cool. This is rechargeable USB fan, so I could plug it in over night on my nightstand, and it would go all night for me. It was pretty cheap, and arrived quickly for me to use the following evening.

Re-Usable Water Bottle
This link is the closest one I can find to the one my sister bought me! She gifted me this for my birthday, and I've used it everyday since. It's 900ml, and I usually refill it 4-6 times a day. I don't drink any sodas unless I'm out for dinner, so I'm all for water these days. I probably shouldn't drink so much water, but it's hydrating! It has a handy non-spill flip cap, which only works when it's closed - not open as I found out!

I use all of these each day, albeit the fan right now as it's getting colder - but it still comes in handy after a hot shower and I want to cool down quicker! What things have you been given or purchased this year, that have been a great idea for you? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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