Thursday 4 July 2019

No Shame in Gaming*

On a scale of one to ten, how bored are you in your office right now? Sure there’s plenty of work you should be doing but that’s not really the point. You just need to make those last few hours fly past before you’re finally released and sent home, only to have to return again tomorrow.

In this blog, we’re looking at some of the very best browser-launched games that you can play at your desk. The beauty of browser games is that they can be minimised at a moment’s notice, so get your fingers at the ready for gaming that will make that boredom fly away.

Money Spinners
Not for everyone but if you’re into taking risks then some online gambling is certainly going to inject a little spark of interest into a long Wednesday afternoon.

Choose from the plethora of bingo sites that offer minimal investment for low payouts or play slots online and experience the thrill of a casino-style setting.

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Snow Line
Remember how excited you were about Christmas as a kid? Well this game puts you back in touch with the big jolly man himself in this frustrating challenge.

Help guide Santa and his sleigh down a twisty mountain collecting presents on the way. You’ll draw lines to help guide him, but don’t make them too step or he’ll shoot forwards and crash and how will you explain that to all the good boys and girls?

Type Racer
Want to look like you’re getting stuck into typing out a meaty document, when you’re really putting your typing skills to the test? This is the genius of this game. You are a car, racing against other online players to type out a passage.

Fastest typer wins so perhaps practice first on the document you should be working on. Okay, perhaps not.

If you can master this game, you’re a genius. It’s tough, so tough you’ll probably give up. You control a runner using the above keys. Sounds simple but the QW keys control his thighs and the OP his calves. Get them in the right sequence and he can run like the wind, get it wrong and it looks like he’s drunk too much. Impossibly addictive.

You really should be working, after all those spreadsheets aren’t going to write themselves. The daily grind can take its toll though and spending a few minutes (alright hours) every week on some mindless distraction, can’t cause too much damage.

Pit your wits against runners who require extraordinary coordination to even make it over the start line. Don your best elf outfit and help Santa complete his yearly mission or put those typing skills to the test and play against fellow slackers from all over the world.

If you’re not planning on having to change job just yet then, whatever you do, don’t get caught. Put the hours in so you can work hard in order to play even harder and remember: the minimiser button is your friend. 

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