Friday 6 November 2020

Giving Your Products Room To Shine On Your Site*

Whether you’re running a full-fledged e-commerce business with a lot of products to show off or you’re simply selling some additional goods as a bit of a side-hustle, then you should be interested in showing off the best side of your products. The more that you can get customers to pay attention to what you have to offer, the better their chances of converting and clicking that purchase button. So, how do you do it?

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Tell all about it

Perhaps the easiest kind of content to create for the net is written content. Whether you’re selling some products through your blog or you need to create one to go alongside your e-commerce site, there’s no denying that running a blog offers a great opportunity to publish authoritative content on any product you might sell. Aside from inside looks at how products work and what benefits they offer, you can also take a more indirect, but often more convincing route of addressing problems your consumers have or scenarios they might face that could be helped by your product, framing your product as the solution to the topic of the blog post. Either way, end with a call-to-action leading your readers to the product page and it could really help boost posts.

Show and tell

What’s even better than simply telling your consumers about the benefits of a product? Actually letting them see it for themselves. Find out more about product demo videos that you can publish, be it on your website, on YouTube, or on other social media platforms. Some products are better suited for demos than others, but most can benefit from the fact that consumers get to see what it looks like in the hands of a real person, to see how it works in real-time, and to assure them that the product exists and is built with quality. How much of a demonstration you provide depends on how technical the product is, but demo videos are a great way to at least show them off.

Get them involved

The internet is not a one-way medium. Interactive experiences tend to, in one way or another, outperform those that would have your audience play a more passive role. If you can get them involved, you can get your customers invested, as well. For instance, you can learn about video chat software that would allow you to provide demos for your product, but before a live audience. A lot of e-commerce businesses have started following this trend, allowing consumers to ask questions about the product that the demonstrator can then answer by taking a closer look at a part of the product or function when necessary. It helps you cut right through to the questions that are actually on your audiences’ minds.

There are a lot of different ways to give your products that platform that lets them shine. Which of them you rely on depends largely on which works best for your website and the product in question, but hopefully, the suggestions on some of the methods featured above help with that.

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