Thursday 12 October 2023

What You Can Start Doing to Create More Free Time for Yourself*

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One thing that a lot of adults miss about childhood is the abundance of free time; you have so much free time to the point where you feel bored. But once you reach adulthood, you’re just constantly so busy that time basically just flashes right by you. But with that said, while free time as an adult doesn’t exactly feel abundant like it did during childhood or even as vast as retirement, you can honestly still do some things for yourself that help give you a bit more free time for the things you want to do such as watching movies on a rainy Sunday afternoon, or whatever else piques your interest. So, here’s exactly what you can start doing so you’ll have more free time for yourself. 

Know What Needs to Be Prioritised

One of the first steps in creating more free time is setting clear priorities and goals. While sure, this is all pretty basic, it’s honestly something that is going to very much get the job done for you. When you have a clear vision, you can focus your time and energy on what's most important. So, what needs to be put first? Whether it's your professional life or personal life, you need to just go ahead and figure out first what takes the most time, what’s the most stressful, and how you can solve this first. Sometimes, all it takes is getting the hard stuff out of the way before you can focus on what’s easier. 

It’s Okay to Tell People No

One thing you need to do is give yourself the opportunity to say no. Your mind, body, time, soul, and everything shouldn’t always be based on someone else's, especially when it comes to work. Honestly, one of the biggest drains on your time is overcommitting. If you’re overcommitting, then this is very much the reason why you’re limited on free time each day. 

While it might feel hard to do, it’s so important for you to just go ahead and practice saying no to additional obligations or tasks that don't align with your priorities. Setting boundaries and declining requests that don't serve your goals will help you regain control of your time. Does it make you a bad person? Absolutely not; stop feeling bad for saying no; you owe that to yourself and your life. 

Think About How You’d Invest Your Free Time

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