Friday 30 May 2014

Seaworld: Antarctica - Empire of the Penguins

Hello everyone!

Today's post could be a little controversial, but this is something I have loved to watch for the past few weeks just for some down time. Seaworld Orlando's website, offers a livestreaming Penguin cam within the Antarctica section of the park. This was actually being constructed when I visited last April, so this is the only way I can see what I am missing!

The reason I say this might be controversial is due to the Blackfish documentary that came out last year, focusing on the Orca Whales and primarily Seaworld. Just to clear this up before you read on ~ Yes I have seen the documentary and thought it was very insightful, educational and eye-opening. However, I still like the idea of Seaworld as a theme park and I am still planning to go back there in 3 years time with my sister and Billy (who have also seen Blackfish), and my dad - who hasn't seen it. All four of us still want to go to the park, but my sister and Billy won't be coming to the Shamu show anymore. I still want to see it so my Dad isn't sitting alone in the stadium, but I won't think it to be as 'magical' as last time.

ANYWAY....The penguins have been quite entertaining to watch. A couple have slipped over, or just simply laid in the same spot for hours on end. I tend to have a look at the penguins in the morning (GMT time) which is roughly 4-5am in Florida. You can find the cam here. I took a few screen shots of the animals one morning and thought I would show you :)

This first picture was at 4am EST

5:50am one of the staff began to clear out all the old dirty ice/snow 

This little one ran past
Once the floor was chunky ice free and 'buffed', some of the penguins came back over

8am EST - Fresh ice is set down

11am EST - Tourists have been in the park for an hour or two by now and you can hear them through the webcam
12:10 PM (5:10pm GMT) - They were walking around quite happily and then I forgot to go back later!

Hope that you liked this post, and if you didn't then, I can understand it! Have you ever been to Seaworld or seen the Blackfish documentary? Thoughts and opinions? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Hey Tania! I went to Seaworld last summer and went into the Antarctica part, the penguins are just so cute! The new penguin exhibit is DEFINITELY a step in the right direction compared to the last one they had. I've watched Blackfish and actually did a post on it a few weeks ago, I found it heartbreaking.
    But, I do hope you have a lovely time when you next go! Also, go on the little Flamingo paddle boats, it sounds stupid but it's such a laugh! Xx


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