Friday 16 May 2014

Disney Nails | Beauty

Hello everyone!

I've carried on with practicing nail art again, and this time my inspiration came from my Canadian friend Shannie, who had hers done professionally a few weeks ago. She'd put a picture of them on her Facebook and I was tempted to try and this is how it turned out!

For this I used: Rimmel Double Decker Bus - Collection 2000 French Manicure White - Cutex Night Run - Collection 2000 Top Coat

Firstly I painted my pinky, middle finger and thumb red, the index finger was painted with white, and my pointer was painted with black. I used two coats of each. 

Next I dotted white spots with a nail tool on my pinky and pointer, and then done the same with black spots on my index finger. 
Next to create Mickey heads, I used a large dotting tool and made a small circle in white and black on my middle finger and thumb. Then with a smaller dotting tool, I added the ears! And the look was done!

I added a top coat an hour later so it was all completely dry! 

Will you try this yourself or done any other Disney nail art? Let me know with a comment below :) I'm really happy with how these turned out and I think they will be perfect for my possible Orlando trip in a couple of years! 

Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :) 

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