Monday 30 June 2014

Ebay Buys #1

Hello everyone!

I noticed the other day that I buy a lot of things off of Ebay, so I'm going to do a little post here and there of the things I've bought! The thing I love the most about Ebay is that you can find really good products and items for pretty cheap sometimes. The other day while having a bored moment, I was browsing and next thing I remember is pushing the pay button for this clutch purse!

This is the Leather Fashion Clutch, which I bought for £4.49 and the postage was free as I am within the UK. I almost picked the pink or purple one as they caught my eye, but the colour for this one just grabbed my attention first so I chose this one.

It is fake leather, but the quality feels so good that you couldn't tell this was cheap! It has 8 card slots, a zipper pocket for your change and the middle section is just the right size to slot your phone into. That was the reason I bought this - so I didn't need a huge bag!

I'm really pleased with this and I am itching to get it in another colour! Have you found any good buys on Ebay? Hope you have a good day and keep safe :)

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