Monday 4 August 2014

Ecotools Small Brushes

Hello everyone!

So while helping my mum buy some makeup brushes the other day, I accidentally discovered a new brand I've never seen before called Ecotools. I saw these little brushes in Boots and a lot of the racks were empty, but some remained! My Mum was nice enough to buy these for me, so I didn't break the spending ban! I saw this little pack of six brushes that can be used for your eyes, lips or even concealer. For £4.99 I think these are totally worth that.

They are such good quality for such a great price, I can see me buying more from this range soon. I am a devout user of Real Techniques, but this brand seem to be just as good for a cheaper price. I've not quite decided what I will use these for yet, but I'm steering towards eyeshadows!

Have you tried this brand yet, and any thoughts? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


  1. Ecotools brushes are amazing :) I've not tried these mini ones, but their bronzing brush is gorgeous and they do some really nice sets! x

  2. I bought a set of Ecotools brushes from Sainsbury's today! I was very excited :')


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