Wednesday 27 August 2014

The Disney Question Tag!

Hello everyone!

I've seen this Disney Tag circulating for a while now and nobody seems to tag anyone, but seems to be a free for all! So here I am with my answers to the tag questions!

  1. Which scene do you you wish you could experience?
    • I would love to have been in the 'I've Got A Dream' scene from Tangled. It was so energetic and the song was damn catchy! I've seen the film once (a sin I know!) but I loved it and was dancing in my seat to it! Plus the bit with the guy and the two little unicorn toys makes me laugh like crazy!
  2. The first time you went to a Disney park?
    • 2001
    • I first went in February 2001 with my Mum, Dad and sister! I was 9 and don't remember a lot of it, a part from vague memories which are of meeting Mickey mouse, the Journey to Atlantis ride and watching Shamu. My second trip was April 2013 and I loved it!
  3. Your best memory of a Disney park?
    • The memory from 2001 was getting to meet Mickey Mouse and having a picture with him along with his autograph! I thought it was the best moment of my life! And the memory from 2013 is either meeting Rapunzel or just seeing Cinderella's castle for the first time in Magic Kingdom. I remember getting chills at the sight of it! 
  4. A Disney song that reminds you of being at Disney?
    • It will have to be the entire 20 minutes of Fantasmic! We saw this on our first day in the evening and I was just in awe at the show. I filmed a load of it and keep watching it just to hear the songs! Other than that, It's a Small World is a classic song for Disney World!
  5. A non-Disney song that reminds you of being at Disney?
  6. The Disney character you would like as a best friend?
    • If you had asked me this pre-2013, I'd have said Mulan, and as much as I would love her as a buddy, I now go with another. Rapunzel! Tangled is just such a great film and even though I've seen it once, compared to billions of times of watching Mulan - Rapunzel is so much like me anyway with her clumsyness and general behaviour, we would get along great!
  7. What is the first Disney film you remember watching?
    • I want to say Little Mermaid, but honestly as a child me and my sister were more Barney the Dinosaur and Power Rangers people than Disney. I got into Disney when I was about 10/11 years old! I definitely remember watching Aladdin a number of times when we were in Orlando!
  8. Fave Disney Princess?
    • Mulan. Though she is classed as a Disney Princess, could I find any Mulan merch in the Disney parks? NOPE. Tell a lie, I found one doll with a head the size of a bowling bowl and it was terrifying. Why as a Princess, does she not have merch! ARGH!! But if not Mulan, then Rapunzel obviously!
  9. A scene from a Disney film that makes you cry?
    • SPOILERS! - Tangled, Flynn gets stabbed and Rapunzel's hair gets chopped off. Oh my heck. I was staring in horror at the TV screen (my sister has pictures of this moment) and I look mortified. He was stabbed and her magical hair was then chopped off. Traumatized.
  10. A Disney film that will make you feel better, no matter how bad your mood is?
    • If I say Mulan again, will this get repetitive?
  11. Fave Disney film?
    • Tangled. I need to see it again, as I actually only saw it for the first time in January this yeah - yes shocking I know. I've yet to even see Frozen. I have so many to catch up with, but Tangled is my current fave and I don't think that will change for a long time!
  12. Fave Disney/Pixar film?
    • I believe Toy Story and Monsters Inc. come under this category? If so, Toy Story trilogy is an all round amazing film and concept idea. Did not cry when Andy gave his toys away. Did not. And I saw Monsters Inc the first time a few months ago and thought it was hilarious, but nothing beats the original!
  13. Fave Disney song?

So there you have it, my Disney tag answers! i hope you enjoyed this and if you did, I tag you to take part and let me know if you do it. Or if you have done this already, let me know in the comments below and I would love to read yours! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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