Thursday 6 November 2014

Maybelline MNY Mono 245 Review

Hello everyone!

As a big lover of eye shadows since the age of 13, I'm constantly adding to my collection. I had a little splurge on Fragrance Direct a few weeks ago and bought myself some new goodies. If you've not heard of the company, they sell a lot of discontinued products and have amazing prices!

One of the beauty bits that I picked up was this Maybelline MNY Mono in 245 Pink. There are at least 20 shades on offer on the site, and for 99p each, I suggest you go crazy with them!

The colour is more bronzed pink than anything thing, but I love it. It's a natural looking shade and it very pigmented. It comes out as more of a light brown when applied to your eye lids. I've been using this for contouring my lids with a Calvin Klein product as well, and another good thing about this? - It blends so well!

Have you tried this colour or another MNY Mono shade? Let me know! Hope you have a great evening and keep safe :)

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