Saturday 1 November 2014

My October 2014 | My Life

Hello everyone!

Here is just a little recap of my month again! :)  Hope you like this little overview of October.
  • I went to the MCM Comic Con in London for the first time
  • Halloween was tame as I was working!
  • Managed to get onto full time at work right up until Christmas
  • Supernatural started back up and it's been amazing so far
  • I was in a Potter vs LOTR duel/fight!
  • FINALLY finished book 3 part 1 of ASOIAF
  • I finally saw Frozen and loved Olaf!
  • Went bowling with Nicola and her daughter Andi
  • My sister came home from Uni for a couple of days and I missed her so much!
  • Bought some Zoella Beauty bits and was disappointed in them overall
  • Had a pretty decent month!!
  • TV I've watched: Supernatural, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Agents of SHIELD, Chicago Fire, The Big Bang Theory 
  • Films I've watched: Frozen (yes it's taken me this long to finally see it!)
  • What I've been reading: Shout, A song of ice and fire, We <3 Pop, Teen Now
Bowling with Nic and Andi | Fragrance Direct Haul | Cosplay Wand

Zoelle Beauty bits | FINALLY FINISHED THIS BOOK | Selfie!

With ma bestie! | Sharing shoes with my sister | Babysitting the nephew

Handmade comic book dress | Bellatrix, Lavender and Mad-Eye | Goodbye Expo :(

MCM Haul | Capt Cap Selfie | 5SOS Album!

Well that is it for my month overall! This has definitely a fun month with the MCM weekend along with seeing my sister after 5 weeks! Not sure what is happening in November other than working a lot more than usual... Hope you enjoyed this catch-up post, and keep safe :)


  1. Ooooh yeah, 5SOS album!
    I haven't bought the Zoella beauty things but I smelt them in the shop and didn't like the scent at all! Such a shame.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger


    1. I love their music!! The Zoella things smelt alright to me, but just a let down with the products in general :( xx


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