Monday 10 November 2014

Sisterhood of the World - Tag

Hello everyone!

I've been tagged/nominated by the wonderful Naomi from Pennies For A Pound for the Sisterhood of the Blogger award! So thank you Naomi! I've not heard of this award before, so it's nice to have been tagged for it!! The rules are simple > Answer the questions, set 10 new questions and tag 10 others!

Well here it goes...

Naomi's questions!
1. Lipstick or lip gloss?
- Neither! I'm not a massive lip product lover!
2. What is the worst beauty mistake you have made?
- Wearing black eye shadow to school one day. I looked like I'd done ten round with Mike Tyson
3. Top 3 favourite bloggers.
4. what's your favourite high-street beauty brand and why?
- Collection as they are affordable and great quality!
5. Where was your last holiday?
- Cornwall, back in August!
6. What's your all-time favourite film?
- Not including the Harry Potter Movies... probably either Ocean's 11 or The Losers
7. If you were going on 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here' what would be the 1 item you would take in to the jungle?
- Deoderant! Could you imagine the stink???
8. Best high street clothes shop?
- #TeamPrimark
9. What dead celebrity would you most like to meet?
- Richard Harris. He was he first Dumbledore and he would be amazing to talk to.
10. Describe your blog in 3 words!
- Beauty, Nerdy, Honest!

My questions!

  1. Fave musician
  2. Least fave product and why?
  3. What room in your house is your fave?
  4. Which mascara do you swear by?
  5. Do you sing in the shower?
  6. What clothes store do you love?
  7. Ever met a Celeb? If yes, who, how and when?
  8. One thing off your bucket list?
  9. How long have you been blogging?
  10. Fave Disney movie from the last 10 years?

Tagging these lovelies! (yes I only done 7!)

Beverly, Hannah, Katy, Abbie, Sophie, Carly, Daisy

Hope you have a great day and keep safe!


  1. aw thank you so much for mentioning me Tania, yours is definitely one of my favourites too! :) I'm #teamprimark too haha, I couldn't live without their bargain goodies x

    1. I've read your blog for over a year now and I love it! Primark is my heaven ;) xx

  2. Thank you for the tag lovely! Will be posting this in the next few days :)

    Beverley xx |


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