Monday 22 December 2014

A Christmas Tag #2

Hello everyone!

I done this tag last Christmas Eve, so have decided to do it once again for this year! It's only a few more days until Christmas, and I am so excited! If you want to do this yourself, then please do! Here it goes... Also, if there is a * before the answer, it means it hasn't changed since last year!

What is your fave Christmas Song?
The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping (or The Saturdays version which I LOVE)

What is your fave Christmas drink?
I don't like warm drinks at all, but I class Scholer as a 'Christmassy' Drink, so that!

What is your fave Christmas film?
The Home Alone movies!

What is your fave Christmas outfit?
*Anything warm and comfortable! We have Christmas at my Aunt's house and it's always cold into the evening, so I have to wrap up warm or I get ever so cold!

What is the best part of Christmas dinner?
*The stuffing and the potatoes!

What is your fave thing about Christmas?
*Seeing all my family for both Christmas day and Boxing day as I don't get to see them much during the year.

What is your fave Christmas food?
Cadbury Snowballs. Nom.

Do you love or loathe wrapping presents?
If it's a rectangular shape, then I love it... If it's round like something I bought a friend once, then no!

What is your best Christmas memory?
I think the year when we'd all just sat down for dinner and my Aunty sat on her chair and fell through it! Even now that makes me laugh so hard that I ache! Add onto that, anything where me and cousins start doing weird dances or the fireworks we have :)

What is your fave part of Christmas day?
Seeing the reactions to gifts that I've bought for people!

I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas on Thursday and that no matter where in the world you are, that you have fun and don't forget to keep safe :)

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  1. The Home Alone movies are the best! I hope you have a lovely Christmas :) x


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