Thursday 1 January 2015

What I Got For Christmas!

Hello everyone!

I had an amazing Christmas and festive period, and today is the start of 2015! So hopefully you are all safe at home, partying, drunk or sober! My final post about Christmas is going to be the classic WIGFC post! I took all the pictures on my phone so sorry for the quality, but I was too excited to take them all properly!

First up is what my best friend Nicola bought me! I got a Primark gift card, a Baylis & Harding bath set, a really cool purse for your money and phone, a really really pretty Swarovski ring and a set of 3-drawers with love hearts on them and the top reads 'I love my Best Friend' << I love all of these!!

Left (from Billy) > He bought me this pretty Deathly Hallows bracelet and a bobble head Captain America Pop! figure!
Right (from Lauren) > This Olaf Pop! figure is so cute! I had no idea they had made Frozen ones! She also bought me a little Makeup Rev nail polish set which is so awesome!
You can tell I mentioned Pop! figures a few times this year!

My awesome sister made me this cushion with my initial on it (it's so squishy I love it) and her yearly sibling coupons! She does these every year for me and I adore them.
My friend Jackie knows I love my nail polishes, so she bought me a nail art set and a little red polish from Nails Inc!

My brother, sister-in-law and nephew got me the penguin mug which is soooo cute!
My mum bought the nail bits and gift card - along with £50 which is tucked in  my purse!

Mother also bought me the blender I've been wanting since Easter!

And she also picked this up for me! 144 shades of fun right here!

Also from Mum are these nail polish sets, Impluse set and a John Frieda hair care set

Mum also got me the Claire's 4-set Lipsticks and the 9 shade eye shadow palette from Claire's!
From Dad > Minion & Model's Own nail sets, a Playboy perfume set and two MAC eyeshadows! (He nearly had a heart attack when he saw how much they were and how small they were!)

Dad also got these DVD's for me which I can't wait to watch!

Oh he knows I love a bit of 1D!

Obsessed may be a better term... Can't wait to read the books and give the game and makeup a try!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my gifts! I love all of them so much and it just shows how well my friends know me! So until next time, have a great day and keep safe :)

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