Tuesday 28 July 2015

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, Mega Instant | Review

Hello everyone!

I've been trying out some new dry shampoos recently as a 'pick me up' while staying at the boyfriend's house. This Aussie Dry Shampoo is for normal or greasy hair and is meant to be quick and refreshing. This is the 180ml version and retails at £4.71 in Boots. I previously reviewed the Aussome Volume one which you can read about here

It has Jojoba Seed Extract in it, so the smell is quite strong, but it does work wonders. The nozzle is a standard spray device and allows a decent amount of product to come out. I found that I needed about ten or so sprays of this for my hair to look good again - whereas the Aussome volume one was about half of this. Any more and it still works well, but I find my hair to be a little heavier and flat looking.

The scent is very strong too, likely due to the Jojoba seed, but the smell fades after a while so it's not too bad and is actually pleasant. It is fast to use and refreshes the hair nicely, and works to some extent. Overall it's a pretty good product but I prefer the Aussome volume one as I could see much better results with it. 

Have you tried this at all, and how did you find it? Let me know! Hope you have a great evening and keep safe :)
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