Tuesday 29 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

I had an amazing Christmas and festive period, and before the New Year rolls in, I wanted to do a final post about Christmas, in the form of a WIGFC post! I took all the pictures on my phone so sorry for the quality, but I was too excited to take them all properly!

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag or show off, I just wanted to share these as I like to see what other people got themselves!

Ted Baker set, maltesers, Primark card - From Lauren

From Nicola - Harry Potter Funko, makeup brushes, pink crystal necklace, Swarovski bracelet

From Nicola - Goblet of Fire candle Holder, water speakers!

From Ed & Emma - Star Wars PJ's!

From Cameron's Mum, Nan, Aunt and Grandma/Grandpa - Choc orange, Iron Man Pez, L'occtaine set, Harry Potter trival persuit, Next Midnight set

From Cameron's Mum & Emma & Ed - Star Wars memo board, 2x Potter colouring books!

From Cameron's Mum - Harry Potter welcome letter set

From Cameron - Star Wars Trilogy (old and new), Ultron Funko, Slush beanie baby, GO PETUNIA'S shirt

From Cameron - Rocket Fabrikation, Arya Figure, Potter pencils, Time Turner necklace, Hobbit necklace

From Dad - Nikon camera & bag

From Dad - Star Wars tee

From Dad & Mum - Perfume, socks, perfume, Zoella balms, Harley Quinn glass

From Dad - Shrek DVDs & bad Neighbours DVD

From Mum - Zoella Awesome Drawersome

From Mum - Sewing Kit

From Mum - 2 sets of B. Makeup brushes

From Mum & Dad & Tash - Sleek makeup set, personalised bag, Gryffindor prints, Sibby vouchers, Torch keyring, Brush cleaner tool, eyeliner, mascara, matte top coat polish

From Dad & Cameron - Star Wars PJ's top, Witches Alamanac

I was spoiled beyond belief and am so grateful for everything I received. What did you get for Christmas? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Wow love the goodies you received.. Specially all the harry potter ones :)


    1. I think they know I have a Potter obsession!! xx

  2. Wow you got a lot of bits! Love the look of all the Harry Potter related gifts!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. I was treated more than I should have been! I've got quite the Potter obsession! xx

  3. Someone got lots of treats :) Love the fact you got a Harry Potter acceptance letter!! So cool xxx

    1. I squealed so loudly when I opened the letter! I LOVE HARRY POTTER! xx

  4. Wow you got some lovely gifts! I got the Harry Potter colouring book too!
    Here's my post on what I got for Christmas if you want to take a look? :)

  5. Wow I need all those Harry Potter bits! Amazing! You had some great stuff. Lucky girl ;) x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. I was spoiled! Hehe, they know I love Potter!! xx


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