Friday, 1 January 2016



I am currently asleep, but that is the wonder of scheduling a blog post!! Thank you technology ;)

Today is the start of a New Year. A whole new 365 days are ahead of us. Will you change something in your life for the better? Have you made any resolutions? Are you currently out getting drunk? Or are you asleep like me?!!

Today my family will be round as usual, so I'm in charge of dinner for them all, which means I'm taking most of the day off and away from the internet. I love this day every year.

Hope you either enjoyed celebrating tonight, or have fun in the morning with family and friends, but either way - hope you are all safe and well :)

Happy new year,

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amyslife said...

Happy new year!!! Xxx

Amy x

Unknown said...

Happy New Year !

Jenn xo

Tania Michele said...

Happy new year chick!! xx

Tania Michele said...

happy new year lovely!! xx

Amy Walker said...

Great blog, Happy New Year! x

Tania Michele said...

happy new year!! xx

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