Friday, 29 April 2016

Crown Brush UK* Review

About two weeks ago, the lovely people from Crown Brush UK, got in contact with me via twitter about trying out some of their brushes for a review. I said yes, and was happy for them to pick whichever brush or two they'd like to send and then they arrived a few days later.

I was only expecting 2-3 brushes at the most from them, but they went above and beyond with the generosity and sent me 13 brushes AND, a 28 neutral eye shadow palette! In total, the brushes and the palette came to £120 (approx) and they are very worth the price.

How super kind of them is that!?

All of the brushes they so nicely sent me are for the face and eyes. I'm quite a religious user of Real Techniques, but these brushes are replacing some of my usual ones as these are such awesome quality.

Above are the brushes they sent me are all part of the Syntho range, and the ones I've used the most over the last ten days are in the second image. I've now had time to use all but three of the brushes, and I'm so happy to now own them.

The ones that I've used the most are the Jumbo Kabuki Fan, Duo Brow Brush, Medium Face Contour and the Foundation brush.

They have what I call the 'duo fibre' look as it's two toned. Each brush has a sturdy handle and good quality metal to hold the bristles in place. I'm quite rough with my brushes so I need them to be really sturdy - or I break them.

So far, no break and awesome results! The Kabuki fan brush isn't one I'd usually buy, but it's been my fave one to use as it's sooooo soft!

AND, until the end of May, you can get 10% off your order with the code 'Maybrushes'!

The palette they also sent me is incredible. This is the 28 Nude Palette for £20.99 (currently on sale for £16.99!) I don't have any palettes that are just neutral shade, so this is something I'm really excited about. I've so far only used this a couple of times with the brushes, and so far - all good impressions.

They're quite good for pigmentation, but I've struggled to get a good coverage with the lighter shade. I'm more into using the darker colours anyway, so this doesn't bother me too much!

You can also check out this cheeky little review I uploaded on Sunday of the brushes and palette if you want a better look at the other brushes I was sent!

I'm really enjoying the brushes and am so thankful that I was sent so much from them! Thanks Crown Brush!! You can also check them out on twitter, instagram, youtube and don't forget their website!

Have you tried this brand yet? If so, what did you try and what did you think? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh the colours in this palette are exactly what I'm after. Colours you can wear everyday but also change up for a night out look too. I'm gonna go check them out now :) xx

Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Tania Michele said...

they're perfect for every day use and can be used to do so many different looks :) xx

Corinne said...

I'd love a full matching brush set! This looks lovely :) The palette is full of colours I would use, too :)

Corinne x

Tania Michele said...

It's so nice to have a whole set - and they're lovely! The palette is amazing and they have some others that are really nice too :) xx

Unknown said...

Omg you're such a lucky girl, that's extremely kind of Crown Brush to send you so many items! I hope you're super happy with the brushes, they look really good and I've always looked into purchasing some but I've never got around to it since there's so many to choose from! The palette looks gorgeous too, can't wait to see what looks you create with it!! :) xx

Christina Marie said...

That's SO kind of them to send such a huge selection! I've not tried their brand but they look and sound lovely! The eyeshadow's look fab too! x

Xtina G Says..

Tania Michele said...

They're super nice to have sent so much! It's lovely to have a whole set of brushes as well! :) I'll keep you posted with the makeup looks!! xx

Tania Michele said...

I'm still shocked they sent me so much!! You should give them a try as they're awesome :) xx

louise said...

Wow, they were so kind! The palette looks so pretty and the brushes sound wonderful! x
Louise |

Tania Michele said...

it was extremely generous of them! they're a wonderful brand :) xx

Unknown said...

The brushes look amazing and what a gorgeous palette, I love neutrals and that's such a good selection. I haven't tried any Crown products but I'm tempted now!

Helen x

Tania Michele said...

They're absolutely gorgeous! Definitely try them :) xx

Unknown said...

Hi Tania! I just discovered your blog! I'm interested to know sizewise how do the crown eye brushes compare to the real techniques? How long more or less are these brushes? I ask because I like to carry around brushes with me in my makeup bag, but I can only carry brushes that are 15cm or less. I also don't like brushes that are too long since I hit the mirror when I get close to it. Thanks!

Tania Michele said...

Hey Juliana! :) hope you're enjoying the blog so far :) Sizewise, both Crown Brushes and RT Brushes are 16cm in length and are about the same with their chunky handles :) Not too long and no mirror hitting me me!! They're also just as good as the RT brushes and a little cheaper :) xx

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