Friday, 12 August 2016

Superdrug Travel Minis Haul

I may not be going away on any holidays this summer, but I've had a few weekends away recently - and I have more coming up! I love buying mini travel sized beauty products, as it saves on space, and as they're smaller... You can fit more in!

I've been running down my collection over the past few months, and it was due time I restocked and bought some new bits and pieces for my going away bag! Here is a little (see what I did there!?) mini travel haul that I've picked up recently from Superdrug.

The best thing is that all of this only came to £14.17 after all the deal prices were taken off! Not bad going for a set of minis that will last me a few months or more.

Like any of these, or own them yourself? And which minis are essential for you when you go away on holiday? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Emma said...

I love minis! Have never used deidorant wipes, they look very handy to have though! X

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you got all of this for under £15! I've never saw that little razor before, weird that a razor can be cute, ha! Deodorant wipes are something I've never used before so I'll keep an eye out for them. :)

Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Tania Michele said...

I've not used them yet either, and I'm hoping they're good! xx

Tania Michele said...

I know - quite the bargain hunt!! I've not seen it before either, but thought it was nice and compact for travelling in it's own little case! xx

Julie Ly said...

I do love travel mini's, they're super cute. xx


Tania Michele said...

I find them so cute too (glad it's not just me!) and perfect for holidays :) xx

Unknown said...

I was just thinking about my toiletries for my next trip, this was post was so helpful

Rachael |


Tania Michele said...

Glad you found it helpful :) Hope you have a lovely trip! xx

Unknown said...

I love minis, I also shopping in Superdrug. I need to stock up and these all look so cute, even just for keeping the wipes in a handbag. Such a bargain for under £15!
Sharon xx

Tania Michele said...

Minis and Superdrug are my faves come summer time! Go see if you can buy them all! xx

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