Friday 14 October 2016

30 Things I've Learnt In 3 Years Of Blogging

October 3rd was my blog's 3rd Birthday, and somehow I forgot to celebrate this fact!

I'm ashamed of myself.

My little corner of the internet has been churning out content for a whole 1095+ days now! I still can't believe I done it for a year, let alone THREE.

And lets just ignore the fact I had a two week break

So I'm 11 days late at actually doing this post, but it's here! Usually I look back on my blog headers since day one, but I feel I've done that too much! So today, I'm going to share some things I've learnt about this blogging shiz in my three years!

Buckle up, there's a few!

  1. It is very hard work
  2. You will want to quit at some point, but never do it
  3. You will have times you don't feel good enough
  4. It's perfectly fine to take a blogging break
  5. And no, you don't have to justify having one! We have breaks from our 'real jobs' all the time - so why is it different with blogging?
  6. You can write about whatever the heck you like
  7. No, you don't have to be a master photoshopper, or professional photographer
  8. You will, however, pick up amazing photography skills, and master the art of picture editing
  9. Typing becomes second nature
  10. You'll even learn basic HTML if you customise your blog enough times!
  12. You will meet some truly amazing people
  13. Other people mentioning your blog makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside
  14. You'll know other bloggers by their blog name/twitter handle, more than their actual names
  15. You do not have to go to blogger meet ups if you do not want to
  16. Blogging shouldn't feel like a chore, but at times... it does
  17. Comparing your blog to {insert epic blog name} will make you feel like crap
  18. You will always feel proud of your blog no matter what
  19. Comments on your blog make you smile so much
  20. Commenting on other blogs makes you smile too!
  21. Explaining your blog to your parents can be so stressful
  22. If you want to fashion post and don't possess a tripod, a sibling/friend is always handy! (Thank you to my sibster for helping all those years back!)
  23. When a company wants to collab with you, you will end up getting far too excited.
  24. Especially when it's a cake company!
  25. Blog about what you're passionate about - it makes for the best posts
  26. You will find so many amazing Disney bloggers sharing tips about Disney World! 
  27. Not everyone is going to want to read your blog - but that's totally fine, and you'll love the people who do read it, even more. 
  28. You'll always worry about copyright issues
  29. A filler post such as a tag or playlist is perfectly fine if you're rushed for time
  30. You will quickly become a Social Media Queen - rivaling Kim K in no time!

And finally, a little quote I love that I try and apply to all my blogger buddies and you amazing readers...
I love you guys!

So, happy blog birthday to me! I'd love to know how long you've been blogging for and if you have anything else to add to this list! If you do, let me know!

Oh, and if you've made it this far, I'll be setting up the birthday Giveaway for sometime next week, so keep tuned! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


  1. Happy blog birthday!
    I definitely agree and relate to pretty much everything you've learned- except for the whole telling your friends/family about your blog part!
    I've been blogging for about 3 years too but it's been on and off for the first year- does that count?

    One thing I'd add to your list is that blogging plays a huge part in discovering who you are, it shapes you and is constantly changing. I can't even begin to list the ways that blogging has changed me!


    1. Thank you! All my family know, and only my sister ever really reads it!
      And yes, the 3 years count for you too!!
      Oh that's a good one that I missed off actually! It's definitely made me more confident :) xx

  2. Happy blog bday, dear!!


  3. Happy belated blog birthday! Three years, that's amazing. I've been blogging for a year and a half, ish, now. Three years seems insane to me! Haha. Can definitely relate to all these points! x x

    1. I honestly can't believe I've got this far! A year and a half is so good, well done Aimee!! Glad you liked all the points! ❤️

  4. Yaaaaay. Happy Belated Birthday to your blog!
    I first started blogging in 2009...! xx

    1. Thank you Emma! :) Oh wow, 7 years!! I think that's the longest I've heard for a while! :) xx

  5. Happy 3rd blog birthday! I've been blogging since 2009 but changed my focus to beauty in 2010🙂

    1. Thank you! :) It's the 4th birthday this October, so I'm very excited! xx

  6. Happy three years! That's such a big achievement. I think I've been in the game two years now, and I can totally agree with all the things you have learned. I hope you've had a nice break :)
    Steph x.

    1. Sorry for late reply, been on holiday!

      I can't believe this year is my 4th year of blogging, and that I've actually somehow kept it up! I feel so much better after that break, really needed it! xx


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