Friday 7 October 2016

Marvel Universe: Live - London Trip!

At the end of September, Cam and I, want to see Marvel Universe: LIVE at the O2 center in London. It's a stunt show featuring a dozen of the superheros and villains of the Marvel world, and all performed on a big stage! There's a whole plot where Loki is after the tesseract, and the heroes are trying to stop him. There were lots of bike stunts, fight scenes - and at one point, one of the characters was on fire!

It's quite surreal to see a stunt guy strutting about in character while he is literally on fire.


We planned this trip back in March, so I was so excited to finally get to go! We stayed at the Premier Inn Hotel at the Docklands, by the Excel center, so only a few trains and tube trips to get about, which wasn't bad!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I wanted to share with you all from our trip! Including our journey there, the hotel room and the view - along with our first time on the Emirates cable car, and the show it's self! And if pictures aren't your jam, then you can skip down to the bottom of this post to see the vlog I whacked together for you!

The most expensive candyfloss known to man

View from seats 57 & 58, Row R, Block 102!

Here's the vlog of our trip! Hope you enjoy.

Are you a Marvel fan? And would this have been something you'd have like to see? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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