Wednesday 15 February 2017

Dear Teacher...

The other day I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon is teaching a class and the kids are really not in the mood for him - and it got me thinking back to my school days. I've had some really amazing teachers over the years, and some that make me have an existential crisis at the mere thought of them.

So I made a little list of the teachers who I could remember, both positive and negative ones, and I've wrote a little letter to them, about how they impacted me during the time I had them. I'll even throw in some pictures from my secondary school days for the giggles!

Lets hit the books, and get going with this one...

Mrs Price
My super awesome form group teacher for FIVE years at my secondary school! Although I never had you teach any of my actual classes, you were the fearless leader of 7C-11C and you probably had the biggest impact on me of all my teachers. You were there if we were having a good or bad day - and if the latter, you were always there to listen or help where needed. You also let us all have our own chats during form time and were always so nice to all of us, that you proved to me that not all teachers are big ole meanies.

You are also the reason I know the difference between a debit and credit card, which was down to one very stressful learning session (I want to call it citizenship??) we had to do each week for reasons our class were oblivious too!

You also totally covered for our from group when that 'mysterious' hole appeared in the wall one day in Year 9... Overall, you were an amazing teacher at Corny, and I hope you don't mind me tagging you in this on Facebook! Haha!

Miss Kelly (now Mrs Tidy!)
First off, me and Jackie were obsessed with seeing what your hair or makeup would be like for each class we had with you, because you always had amazing bold looks that we could only dream of attempting! I had you for an English class where we had to read of Mice and Men - but I mainly remember you for my Media and Film classes. I sucked at both of these to be honest, but they were my faves because you always explained things in a way I understood them!

As for watching Fight Club... I don't think Emma, Natasha or Jess have quite forgiven you for telling us Martha was fake as well as everyone else. We all had a mental breakdown in the common room that afternoon as we couldn't wrap our heads around it!

I still have the video footage from our Film final, and it's honestly so horrific and embarrassing to watch back, but you let us all do what we wanted for it and always encouraged us to do what we wanted for it. I've applied that to most of my adult life so far, so that freedom stuck with me!

Also, hope you don't mind the tag on Facebook for this either!

Ms Locke
As my primary school English teacher, you really knew how to crush my dreams of being a writer right from the get go. Apparently nothing I ever wrote was good enough, and even the time I plagiarized a story line from Smallville, you told me no-one would ever read something like that. So clearly it was me you disliked...
As for me getting shit scores on my spelling tests every week - I didn't want to sit and practice them each week when I'd rather be reading Harry Potter. Soz.
Anyway, I have a kickass blog now, so suck it.

Mr Berry
Thank you for understanding that when, at the age of 10, I said I didn't understand how you were teaching me Maths, that you didn't take it out on me. You really did help me and because of you, I know my times tables - which has come very handy at work recently!

Miss Bowman
Thank you for allowing me to do a paper mache volcano for my project, and not one that could explode like everyone else. My dad was going to put a small bit of explosive in the solution so we could get a proper eruption for the class.

You probably saved us all from getting pink foam all over the classroom.

Miss Fry
You are the reason I read books. You introduced me to Harry freaking Potter. You changed me from a 9 year old girl with virtually no interests, into a super geek who can quote all the books and movies. And it's because of all of this, I like to write my own stories and have this blog.

Mr Fry
No relation to the above teacher! 
A man in his late 50's/early 60's Mr Fry was a substitute teacher we all loved to get if our class teacher was off sick. He was obsessed with cricket and playing his guitar, and often stopped lessons just so he could tell a tale 'from his younger days' or have an impromptu sing along to a nursery rhyme. I remember when I was at Corny about 6 years later, one of my primary classmates had seen you had passed away in a newspaper. Honestly, we both teared up a little bit upon hearing this. You had made learning fun and I know the whole alphabet in French because you taught it to us in song.

Mr Rudnick
A truly wonderful Psychology teacher, originally from South Africa who had HEAPS of stories for us. I rarely understood this class, and it's still beyond me how I passed my A-Level for this, but I put it down to both you, and Jackie (who had to basically re-teach me the whole lesson during our frees!).
I'll never forget how you taught us about Freud's stages of Psychosexual Development. You taught that to us via a dance which I still remember to this day, 7 years later!

But overall teachers... Thank you. Without all of you, I'd not be who I am today!

I had a good giggle scrolling through my pictures for this post as well as having a pretty fun therapy session while typing this all up! There are at least another eight teachers I could have mentioned, but this would have been abnormally long...

Which of your teachers would you write a letter to, about how they've impacted your lives and in what way? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Such a sweet post! I still remember my absolute favourite teachers from primary school and I wish I could see them now to thank them in person for their influence!


    1. Thank you! :) I still talk to two of them on Facebook, now I've been gone for almost 6 years! It's nice to shine a light on those who deserve it :) xx

  2. You have so many memories I wish I could remember more from my school days, I did always love the story telling teachers like Mr Rudnick though ha, I love big bang theory also :)


    1. I thankfully remember a lot of the good bits and have a lot of pictures from my days there to look back on! I love teachers that would tell you their stories, as it made us all a lot calmer nearer to exam season! xx

  3. Reading this made me so happy. I am currently studying to be a teacher and knowing the impact I can one day make, all positive hopefully, motivates me to keep going. I have actually thought about writing something like this, I think my history teachers were some of my favorites, the one that really stands out for me though it's my music teacher there is so much I would like to tell him, both good and bad, I think overall he had one of the biggest impacts in my life.

    I loce the photos btw.


    1. Oh you are going to be such a great teacher!! Honestly, write something like this and you'll find it weirdly therapeutic and helpful! Even if they'll never see it, it's always nice to have it wrote out and to express it :) xx


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