Friday 10 February 2017

Pump It Up!

I love doing a little bit of exercise, and nothing helps more to get me into a good run or Pilates session, than my 'pump it up' playlist! This is the playlist I've had to motivate me for the past year (with some recent additions), and are all songs I love to have a dance to, even if it's just one of the songs as a super energetic solo bedroom dance session...

Don't judge!

The whole playlist is just over 25 minutes, which is just about all I can do before giving myself a nasty asthma attack - but that 20 minutes is a good workout for the body once or twice a week.

So today I wanted to share the songs I use, and see if anyone has similar ones. Here are the songs I listen to for my warm up, cool down and the main session!

Warm Up - 3.23 Minutes

Main Exercise - 20 Minutes

Cool Down - 2.43 Minutes

The good thing with the Zumba songs is they have a dance routine for each of them which I can then do if I'm doing my own Zumba session. And the Chris Brown one has an accompanying dance from a DVD I had years ago - so I just wing it when BO$$ comes on and try and get in a lot of stretches, squats and jumping jacks during that part.

My warm up and cool down both have a 60 second jogging on the spot as well as numerous stretches to make sure I don't hurt myself!

What are your songs for working out? And do you prefer an upbeat playlist or a more relaxing one? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. OOH! Thanks for this! I'm always trying to find a way to distract myself from the pain and the tiredness of the X-Trainer so this playlist will keep me going for ages!!

    Daisy | The Dee Who Lived xoxo

    1. It's just a random set of songs that I've found to be really helpful to dance/run along to and it's fun to have something to warm up and cool down too as well! ❤️


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