Wednesday 22 November 2017

Orlando Holiday Diary: Day 3 - Sea World

Before you all kick off - yes, I have seen Blackfish, but I still wanted to go here for the rides, and I wanted to see the animals as well.

We had tickets for Sea World included with the Orlando tickets we bought back in January from Attractions Tickets, so as we paid for it, we headed there. First we started off the day with a run to Walmart, as we knew Hurricane Irma was definitely going to hit the state, just so we could get some supplies. Thankfully we turned up at the time when the water delivery arrived, so managed to get a pack of water which lasted us!

At the parks, we went on all the rides - except Kraken - and got to see the beautiful dolphins, orcas, penguins and other animals! Mako was such an amazing ride, but I sadly didn't get any pictures or video of the ride as the rain started!

Hope you enjoy the pics from day three - and don't forget, the daily vlog is at the bottom if you'd rather watch that!

Hope you enjoyed this little look at the third day of my awesome holiday! Can't wait to share with you the rest of the trip. If you've been to Florida, or want to go, what's something you'd like to do there? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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