Friday 29 June 2018

June 2018 Faves

Oh what a month it's been. I've had a lot of time at work this month, plus a sick day off due to my paralysis kicking in, which was a hoot, I'll tell you! It's been gloriously hot and sunny for the best part, and also had a thunderstorm back at the start. I've seen an old school friend a lot these last few weeks, which has been really nice!

I've sort of got back into the blog a bit more now, but I'm still not at my full mojo for it, so I'm doing my best to keep at it and see if I can get the full love for my little baby back. It's weird not blogging when I enjoy it so much, but it's also feeling like a chore a little bit. Does anyone else get like that?

Anyway, hope you're all well, and here are my monthly faves!

This is a song is still pretty new for once - yay! I love Florida Georgia Line's music, and this new one is another fave of theirs. I love the lyrics and then meaning behind it, so can't wait for their new album now!

News Story
    'JK Rowling Sent A Box Of Harry Potter Presents To School Children In Northern India' 
    I love nothing more than a good story of a celeb helping the less fortunate in the world, and JK Rowling has done it again. 12 year old, Kulsum Bano Batt, wrote an essay about how inspiring she found the author, and Rowling then sent them a load of goodies, books, and signed memorabilia - for the girl and her school.

    TV Show
    I am finally catching up on my TV shows and this one has been a fave for the last few years, but the ending of the latest season broke my heart. No worries, I'm not going to spoil it! I've actually re-watched the last 5 seasons over the past month or so, and it reminded me of why I loved the show. Plus I have a HUGE crush of Kevin Atwater, so that's a plus...

    I have been re-watching the Marvel movies this month - so far I've got to Iron Man 2, so not massively far but..! I forgot how much I loved the OG of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this has made it to the top of my list this month!

    Fave picture of the month is this one of some cupcakes that I made! It's actually from the end of last month, but as I skipped the faves in May, it's made it to June's list! These are the first ones I've made in about 3 years, and they were so yummy!

    Hope you enjoy this new format of my monthly faves - please let me know what you think as I'd love to hear your opinions! How has your June been, and what are your faves from the categories above? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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    1. The photo of the cupcakes is super cute, no wonder it's a fave. I enjoyed reading your faves ♥

      1. I was super proud of how well they turned out so had to share it! xx

    2. I've felt exactly the same way about blogging over the past few months, and I've found taking a little bit of a step pack really helped. It's been WAY too hot recently, and I hope it doesn't last throughout July too!

      Steph -

      1. I think the heat has made me stir crazy with blogging, so I had about 2-ish months away and felt better! Still not 100% there, but getting back into it :) xx

    3. Totally know what you mean about blogging feeling like a chore. I think when it feels like that it's important to take a step back and not force it. I think that love for blogging will come back eventually! x x

      1. I do hope so - and glad I'm not alone! I do love doing it, but sometimes I want to spend my days off work, doing anything other than blog work! xx


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