Friday 10 August 2018

Super Geeky But Insanely Fun Games To Play This Summer*

Video games are in their absolute prime this year. If E3 wasn’t enough, it’s amazing to see just how crazy the next few months of releases are going to be. This autumn and winter is set to become one of the most cozy and relaxing video gaming eras in recent memory, with some excellent and high quality titles on their way.

Of course, not all gaming opportunities should be through a console format. Perhaps brushing up your mental skills with creative puzzles or perhaps even casino tuition found here can help you establish your critical thinking - which only helps inform your skill levels in the upcoming release schedule.

Thankfully, this guide is here to help you play only the best that you deserve:

Monster Hunter World (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
Monster Hunter World, released on most consoles and the PC on the 9th of August, is the culmination of a long and storied series of video games stretching back to the early PSP. Famous in Japan and starting to get more and more of a Western fanbase, Monster Hunter is perhaps one of the most enticing games you can pick up in the modern generation. It’s important to understand why. Monster Hunter is an absolute treat to play in many respects, as you head out and must contend with a living ecosystem of excellent, incredibly strange monsters and hunt them for their resources. The game has fantastical elements, a deeply complex crafting system, many fighting varieties and also a lighthearted story to experience. Monster Hunter world is a game of extreme fun, and can last for at least two hundred hours easily, perfect for a slow march of fun this summer!

Spider-Man (PS4)
For fans of Marvel and especially our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, there couldn’t be a better time. A triple A Playstation 4 releases developed by Insomnia Games is coming out early September, and from the gameplay alone looks absolutely marvellous (pun intended.) Featuring the largest city ever to be developed for a Marvel video game, and using the full scope of Spiderman’s abilities in both fluid combat, movement and stealth mechanics, this game looks like one to watch for us who require a superhero story to put a smile on our face.

Life is Strange 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Fans of the early Life is Strange game are sure to rejoice in late September, as a new title in the series is set to be released, featuring entirely new characters and a supporting cast. If you’ve played the recently released and surprisingly free ‘The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit,’’ you’ve likely found just how much work the developers Don’t Nod entertainment have placed in modernizing their systems. The story, while not set to follow the narrative of Max and Chloe from the originally, still seems focused on providing a deeply human narrative, perhaps with a degree of supernatural exploration. We can hardly wait.

With these suggestions, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful summer of gaming. Just don’t forget to head out in the sun despite all this excellence.

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  1. I really want to play life is strange but I'm not allowed to buy anymore games until i finish the ones I have!

    Corinne x

    1. It's one I've recently come to discover and it looks soooo good! Hopefully you can get it soon :) xx

  2. Yey thanks for this! We have an XBox and are looking for some good games, hopefully these are available for X-Box too. Nikki x

    1. Hopefully they will be when the releases are all out, so fingers crossed for you! xx


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