Monday 3 September 2018

Fave RuPaul's Drag Race Queens

Now don't get me wrong, all the queen's who have appeared on RPDR have been amazing in their own ways, but there are just some that have really stood out to me over the 10 seasons, and 3 All-Star spin-offs. I follow a lot of my faves on social media, so I can see what they're up to after their time on the show is over. These are not all of my most liked queens - as that list would be about 100 names strong - but the ones I am loving loads right now.

Alyssa Edwards
There was something that just clicked instantly with me and my love for Alyssa. I don't know if it's because, I too, enjoy staring at myself in a mirror, or just the copius amounts of catchphrases she came out with - hello there 'backrolls'! I loved her even more come All Stars 2, which gifted us with that wonderful lip-sync against Tatianna! Alyssa even has a docu-series on Netflix right now, which is on my to-watch list.

Bianca Del Rio
Immediately loved her and wanted her to win season 6. I wish I could have her level of wit and sarcasm, plus her Rolodex of hate! She is super talented, and has gone on to make a movie series called Hurricane Bianca. I love watching her reading people, it's so funny! She's a very talented queen.

I wasn't a huge fan of Shangela in her debut in season 2, but then she came back in season 3 - and my mind was changed! I'd already seen her in a few TV shows beforehand, but nothing stuck in my mind - ntil I started saying 'Halleloo' on a daily basis! I loved her stand-up routine, and that is what made her become a fave. And then we had All Stars 3. She has improved so much over the years, and I was devastated that she didn't win after Dela's self elimination.

Shea Couleé
Her rap at the end of the Category Is Remix, was amazing and I made it my mission to learn it all. Still trying... She is such a great lip-sync performer, and her acting challenges were some of my favourites.

Ginger Minj 
One of the stand outs of season 7 - along with Katya - Ginger just made me laugh my ass off. Her 'bitter old lady brigade' with some of the other queens was perfect. But what I love most, is the singing voice! I could listen to Ginger all day! This is a queen I keep up with quite frequently, as she follows me on twitter, and she's super active and replies to a lot of her followers.

Raven & Jujubee
Had to group these two together. Rujubee is a thing for ever, okay? Raven has some killer style and sass, and then Juju has some unearthly talent for lip-syncs. I cried during their lip-sync in All Stars 1, and it's what cemented them in my top 10.

Her winning streak with All Stars 3 was so impressive! I really wanted her to win, but after her shock self elimination, I was gagged. She has always had such a great personality, and still loving her Oh No She Better Don't rap!

Monét X Change
Still a new queen to me, I loved Monét for the humor she brought to season 10. The sponge dress was the start of it all, and then when she had that lip-sync with Dusty, and did a faux death-drop, I was crying with laughter for so long, I had to pause the episode! I'm looking forward to see what else this wonder gets up to.

Oooh this queen's GLOW UP between season 9 and All Stars 3 was AMAZING. Her re-do of Princess Disastah was so amazing. I don't know what she did in the few months between filming, but she killed it! Can't get over that death-drop jump she did in the talent show, but I love her more for the Valentina showdown during season 9's reunion!

Latrice Royale
Get those nuts away from my face!
Honestly this cemented her in my faves. I loved all her catchphrases about being large and in charge. Plus her laugh kills me everytime! I need to see more of what Latrice is up to these days, but I bet she's still taking over the world!

Who would make your list of fave RPDR queens? Honestly, this took me ages to narrow down the list, as I had about 20 people to start with! Which queens are your favorites, or the ones you're not so into? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. We have very similar faves! Monet with that faux death drop also had me cackling, Shangela should have won All Stars and I LOVE Alyssa - so excited to see her docu-series!

    I think Bianca Del Rio is my all time fave though, so talented, always working at something amazing and she's also very lovely. (Despite what she'd have you believe...)

    Great post! I'm always looking for other bloggers that love Drag Race, but I can never find anyone!

    Emma x

    1. That faux death drop is my top highlight from season 10 - was so funny, I had tears! Can't wait to see Alyssa's series, and I still need to catch up on Hurricane Bianca 2. I think Alyssa and Shangela are my top two at the moment, but Dela sneaks up there for third place! I'm always looking too, so glad you stopped by!! xx

  2. My all time favorites are Katya and Bianca! I have seen Trixie Mattel and BenDeLaCreme live, both amazing entertainers!

    Rachel ||

    1. So jealous you got to see them perform! They're never in my area or close enough for me to get there, without bankrupting me for the month! xx


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